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Nola starting hasn't produced for the Phillies down the stretch

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About eight weeks ago the talk from the Phillies was how they were going to tweak the schedule and get Aaron Nola 8 more starts out of the year and thereby giving the Phillies a better chance at the playoffs.

The plan has backfired big time, Nola hasn't won a game since, yesterday Aaron Nola got his third loss since that announcement and the sixth time in a row that the team has lost with his starts since the announcement.

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What has been happening with this? In the month of September, Nola has been getting lit up, giving up 5 ER in Cincinnati on Sept 4th, then 5 days later he gave up 4 ER vs Atlanta at home. Two more lost Phillies games in his starts follow, one in a tight game against Boston 2-1 and then yesterday, 5-4 in Atlanta.

This almost seems like April, when Nola won only two of his starts for the Phils, while the team ended up losing 4 games when he gave up 6 ER, 4 ER, and 5 ER during 3 of those April games. In fact by the end of April, Nola's ERA was 5.68 in 6 starts to start of the season.

In May and July Nola won the bulk of his games of the year, 7 times, in fact, but as it stands now in September, his record is 12-6. He's had plenty of support in his games this year, averaging 5.21 runs per game. Somehow he isn't quite having the season he had last year though.

This just about finishes the Phillies playoff hopes with the loss yesterday, however slim they were. They are now 4 GB and not a lot of games to go.

Nola's starts this season:

2019 Pitching Game Log
Rk Gcar Gtm Date Opp Rslt Inngs Dec H R ER BB SO HR HBP ERA
1941Mar 28ATLW,10-4GS-6W(1-0)21158001.50
2955Apr 3WSNL,8-9GS-356622307.00
39610Apr 9WSNL,6-10GS-775413206.46
49715Apr 15NYML,6-7GS-475536007.45
59820Apr 20COLW,8-5GS-6W(2-0)93319216.84
69925Apr 25MIAL,1-3GS-771114015.68
MayMayMayMay Opp Rslt Inngs Dec H R ER BB SO HR HBP ERA
710030May 1DETW,7-3GS-671136005.06
810135May 7STLW,11-1GS-6W(3-0)31117114.57
910240May 13MILW,7-4GS-353333104.86
1010345May 18COLW,2-1GS-7W(4-0)811112004.47
1110450May 23CHCW,9-7GS-6W(5-0)43346004.53
1210555May 29STLW,11-4GS-7W(6-0)41138104.18
JunJunJunJun Opp Rslt Inngs Dec H R ER BB SO HR HBP ERA
1310660Jun 3SDPL,2-8GS-6L(6-1)86635104.63
1410765Jun 9CINL,3-4GS-743337004.58
1510870Jun 15ATLW,6-5GS-565524214.89
1610975Jun 21MIAL,1-2GS-8L(6-2)621110114.55
1711081Jun 27NYMW,6-3GS-7100110014.22
JulJulJulJul Opp Rslt Inngs Dec H R ER BB SO HR HBP ERA
1811185Jul 2ATLW,2-0GS-8W(7-2)40038003.89
1911290Jul 7NYMW,8-3GS-7W(8-2)32136103.74
2011392Jul 13WSNL,3-4GS-651149003.63
2111497Jul 18LADW,7-6GS-554435303.77
22115101Jul 23DETW,3-2GS-742117033.64
23116105Jul 28ATLW,9-4GS-7W(9-2)74438203.72
AugAugAugAug Opp Rslt Inngs Dec H R ER BB SO HR HBP ERA
24117110Aug 3CHWW,3-2GS-7W(10-2)311210003.60
25118115Aug 8SFGL,0-5GS-5L(10-3)73323003.67
26119120Aug 14CHCW,11-1GS-7W(11-3)31117103.56
27120125Aug 20BOSW,3-2GS-7W(12-3)42217103.51
28121129Aug 25MIAL,2-3GS-7L(12-4)53317003.53
29122133Aug 30NYML,5-11GS-741127013.45
SeptSeptSeptSept Opp Rslt Inngs Dec H R ER BB SO HR HBP ERA
30123138Sep 4CINL,5-8GS-455536103.63
31124143Sep 9ATLL,2-7GS-6L(12-5)64447103.70
32125147Sep 14BOSL,1-2GS-741139003.62
33126151Sep 19ATLL,4-5GS-6L(12-6)95524203.75
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