Friday, September 20, 2019

Nola starting hasn't produced for the Phillies down the stretch

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About eight weeks ago the talk from the Phillies was how they were going to tweak the schedule and get Aaron Nola 8 more starts out of the year and thereby giving the Phillies a better chance at the playoffs.

The plan has backfired big time, Nola hasn't won a game since, yesterday Aaron Nola got his third loss since that announcement and the sixth time in a row that the team has lost with his starts since the announcement.

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What has been happening with this? In the month of September, Nola has been getting lit up, giving up 5 ER in Cincinnati on Sept 4th, then 5 days later he gave up 4 ER vs Atlanta at home. Two more lost Phillies games in his starts follow, one in a tight game against Boston 2-1 and then yesterday, 5-4 in Atlanta.

This almost seems like April, when Nola won only two of his starts for the Phils, while the team ended up losing 4 games when he gave up 6 ER, 4 ER, and 5 ER during 3 of those April games. In fact by the end of April, Nola's ERA was 5.68 in 6 starts to start of the season.

In May and July Nola won the bulk of his games of the year, 7 times, in fact, but as it stands now in September, his record is 12-6. He's had plenty of support in his games this year, averaging 5.21 runs per game. Somehow he isn't quite having the season he had last year though.

This just about finishes the Phillies playoff hopes with the loss yesterday, however slim they were. They are now 4 GB and not a lot of games to go.

Nola's starts this season:

2019 Pitching Game Log
Rk Gcar Gtm Date Opp Rslt Inngs Dec H R ER BB SO HR HBP ERA
1941Mar 28ATLW,10-4GS-6W(1-0)21158001.50
2955Apr 3WSNL,8-9GS-356622307.00
39610Apr 9WSNL,6-10GS-775413206.46
49715Apr 15NYML,6-7GS-475536007.45
59820Apr 20COLW,8-5GS-6W(2-0)93319216.84
69925Apr 25MIAL,1-3GS-771114015.68
MayMayMayMay Opp Rslt Inngs Dec H R ER BB SO HR HBP ERA
710030May 1DETW,7-3GS-671136005.06
810135May 7STLW,11-1GS-6W(3-0)31117114.57
910240May 13MILW,7-4GS-353333104.86
1010345May 18COLW,2-1GS-7W(4-0)811112004.47
1110450May 23CHCW,9-7GS-6W(5-0)43346004.53
1210555May 29STLW,11-4GS-7W(6-0)41138104.18
JunJunJunJun Opp Rslt Inngs Dec H R ER BB SO HR HBP ERA
1310660Jun 3SDPL,2-8GS-6L(6-1)86635104.63
1410765Jun 9CINL,3-4GS-743337004.58
1510870Jun 15ATLW,6-5GS-565524214.89
1610975Jun 21MIAL,1-2GS-8L(6-2)621110114.55
1711081Jun 27NYMW,6-3GS-7100110014.22
JulJulJulJul Opp Rslt Inngs Dec H R ER BB SO HR HBP ERA
1811185Jul 2ATLW,2-0GS-8W(7-2)40038003.89
1911290Jul 7NYMW,8-3GS-7W(8-2)32136103.74
2011392Jul 13WSNL,3-4GS-651149003.63
2111497Jul 18LADW,7-6GS-554435303.77
22115101Jul 23DETW,3-2GS-742117033.64
23116105Jul 28ATLW,9-4GS-7W(9-2)74438203.72
AugAugAugAug Opp Rslt Inngs Dec H R ER BB SO HR HBP ERA
24117110Aug 3CHWW,3-2GS-7W(10-2)311210003.60
25118115Aug 8SFGL,0-5GS-5L(10-3)73323003.67
26119120Aug 14CHCW,11-1GS-7W(11-3)31117103.56
27120125Aug 20BOSW,3-2GS-7W(12-3)42217103.51
28121129Aug 25MIAL,2-3GS-7L(12-4)53317003.53
29122133Aug 30NYML,5-11GS-741127013.45
SeptSeptSeptSept Opp Rslt Inngs Dec H R ER BB SO HR HBP ERA
30123138Sep 4CINL,5-8GS-455536103.63
31124143Sep 9ATLL,2-7GS-6L(12-5)64447103.70
32125147Sep 14BOSL,1-2GS-741139003.62
33126151Sep 19ATLL,4-5GS-6L(12-6)95524203.75
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Thursday, September 19, 2019

Phils inch closer with Mets to WC

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Harper and Hoskins hit it High Five style with the win last night

At least it's not boring that the Phillies still don't have a chance to win a wildcard spot. The Phils won last night in Atlanta, and the teams that they are chasing lost. The Cubs, Nationals, and the Brewers lost last night. Zack Eflin was able to keep the Braves in check last night, and the Phils had some timely hitting to win the game 4-1 down in Hotlanta. The team was 0-6 with RISP but still managed to win this ballgame with the long ball. Sacrifices are sorely needed for a team like this, it's the way a team with problems scoring can score some runs by moving runners, I don't understand anyone who isn't in favor of sacrifices, it should be part of the Phillies game.

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Say what you will about Eflin but he still has a 12 loss season going

Two HR's propelled the Phillies, one by Harper and the other by Hernandez. The Phils did have 3 errors on the night, but it wouldn't matter.

Eflin improved to 9-12, a lot of talk afterwards about how he would be a good 5th starter next year, I must remind those folks that he did have 12 losses this year, that is a big number. I am not so sure that he's a great guy to have on the rotation, but as I said before mediocre to poor pitchers with similar win/loss records make 8-9 million a year in this league if you can last. This year Zack made 590,000 but this is the last year of those low salaries for him.

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Harper hits HR number 32 on the year last night

What can you say, we know this team is quirky and unpredictable, and that remains to be true. 27,937 watched baseball at the stadium in Atlanta last night, the broadcast crew noted how quiet the crowd was as well. Are Braves fans saving up for the playoffs?

The Phils wrap up with the Braves today with an early 12:10 PM game in Atlanta to end the season series and this current one. Aaron Nola is pitching today, what will we see from him? He's been a question mark the last few starts for this team, but brings his 12-5 record to the game.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Phils hang on for win in Atlanta

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Phils get a win last night in Atlanta

The Phils got a win last night in Atlanta, handing Dallas Keuchel a loss and needing to do what this team needs to keep doing the rest of the way, win. Vince Velasquez managed to bring his 2019 record to 7-7 on the year, as he struck 8 batters and only gave up 2 ER on the night.

The Phils are again tied with the Mets, 4.0 GB in the wild card pursuit, they aren't out of it, but as was said on the most recent podcast and here at, they have to keep winning and the other wild card teams in the race have to lose.

Chicago Cubs, Milwaukee, and the Nationals are in the driver's seat right now, the Phils have to just keep winning while one of these other teams loses. Do I sound like I think the Phillies still have a chance at making it? I'm writing it, but in reality it's probably not going to happen, and I hope I am wrong, I hope people will look back at the most recent columns saying that the team is finished essentially, and me be wrong about it.

A stunning stat from last night's game was the attendance, you've got the Braves playing the best baseball that they have in a long time, yet only attracted 28,843 to the stands. This is a team that is going to the playoffs, and has a good chance of winning it all, where did all their fans go?

Gabe Kapler just spoke on WIP sports radio, 94.1 this morning, he said this:

It's Eflin vs Teheran tonight in Atlanta at 7:20 PM

Phils stats so far:

Team Batting
Rk Pos Name Age G AB R H 2B 3B HR RBI SB BB SO BA
1CJ.T. Realmuto28141524891453432582840121.277
21BRhys Hoskins261485278312633529832110154.239
32BCesar Hernandez#2914855669157283116594289.282
4SSJean Segura29135545771533541257102972.281
53BMaikel Franco261133604685160165203455.236
6LFAndrew McCutchen (60-day IL)32592194556121102924355.256
7CFScott Kingery251164246111031319541232138.259
8RFBryce Harper*2614452690134320311021395166.255
Rk Pos Name Age G AB R H 2B 3B HR RBI SB BB SO BA
9OFAdam Haseley*2354171254511052141448.263
10CFOdubel Herrera*2739126122810111621133.222
11LFCorey Dickerson* (60-day IL)303413313391028340333.293
12LFJay Bruce*324413015316011300325.238
13CAndrew Knapp#27661081121401501841.194
14UTSean Rodriguez347010522235041211238.219
15CFRoman Quinn# (10-day IL)264410818233141181234.213
16LFNick Williams*256110291640250440.157
17UTBrad Miller*29558113172151111024.210
18UTPhil Gosselin30395441530070212.278
19OFAaron Altherr282229211001019.034
201BLogan Morrison*312024451023027.208
21OFJose Pirela29711141012013.364
22 Mitch Walding*2622000000002.000
23 Dylan Cozens*2511000000000.000
24 Rob Brantly*2911000000001.000
Rk Pos Name Age G AB R H 2B 3B HR RBI SB BB SO BA
25PAaron Nola2630556620020632.109
26PJake Arrieta (60-day IL)3323452710040119.156
27PZach Eflin2528432810020023.186
28PVince Velasquez273229270013028.241
29PNick Pivetta2627251200000019.080
30PJerad Eickhoff (60-day IL)281214000000017.000
31PDrew Smyly*30916100000018.000
32PJason Vargas*36911010000005.091
33PCole Irvin*25126110000022.167
34PRanger Suarez*23323010000002.333
35PJuan Nicasio (10-day IL)32432000000001.000
36PHector Neris30601000000001.000
37PDrew Anderson2521000000001.000
38PJ.D. Hammer (40-man)24201000000000.000
39PEnyel De Los Santos (40-man)2351000000001.000
40PSeranthony Dominguez (60-day IL)24261000000001.000
41PPat Neshek# (60-day IL)38200000000000
42PNick Vincent3280000000000
43PEdgar Garcia22310000000000
44PVictor Arano (60-day IL)2430000000000
45PFernando Salas3430000000000
46PAdam Morgan* (60-day IL)29380000000000
47PTommy Hunter (60-day IL)3250000000000
48PMike Morin28210000000000
49PJared Hughes33180000000000
50PAustin Davis*26100000000000
51PJose Alvarez*30580000000000
52PBlake Parker34190000000000
53PEdubray Ramos26170000000000
54PDavid Robertson (60-day IL)3470000000000
55PYacksel Rios2640000000000
Team Totals27.61495121724126728624198693725311330.247
Rank in 15 NL teams981039116589
Non-Pitcher Totals27.61494867709123428224197682725181200.254
Pitcher Totals27.8149254153340111013130.130
Rk Pos Name Age G AB R H 2B 3B HR RBI SB BB SO BA
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