Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Phils win first game of series with Cubs, Manuel is hitting coach

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J.T. Realmuto is the bright spot in the Phillies offense a lot, last night, again he was the catalyst

The good news is the Phillies won last night. The team played a lot better than we've seen in the last couple games, they still stumbled with RISP, which they have been doing a lot of lately, but they got enough runs up on the scoreboard to cover for that and get the win. The Phils were 0-7 with RISP last night, but doubled up on the Cubs by a 4-2 score. The Cubs were 1-10 with RISP.

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Jason Vargas had another great start for the Phillies, that's what they've needed for a long time, a starter that you can depend on

The cover of the Daily News when Charlie left town a few years ago

Earlier in the day yesterday, the news came out that the Phils were letting their hitting coach go, John Mallee, was the first to go in what is an attempt to do something to help this team. On the TV broadcast last night John Kruk said it wasn't Mallee's fault the Phillies weren't hitting, but we've seen this time and time again, someone has to be held accountable. Enter Charlie Manuel, the new Phillies hitting coach (until the end of the year they say). It's nice to have Manuel back in uniform on the bench, I'm sure he didn't expect this.

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J.T. is most of the Phillies offense sometimes

Last night's win was the J.T. Realmuto show again, he was responsible in one way or another for a lot of the offense in last night's game. Scoring on a sac fly in the bottom of the 3rd, and hitting a HR in the bottom of the 5th, and he hit a double in the bottom of the 7th inning scoring Andrew Knapp.

That's great for J.T. but what about the rest of these guys? Rhys Hoskins was said to be looking 'lost' at the plate, not just last night, but a few nights in a row now as he has turned in another 0-4 performance with 4 K's on the night. Bryce Harper went 0-4 as well with 2 K's on the night. The combo of these two are really bringing the Phillies offense down, there is something wrong with this picture, both are much better players than they are showing.

The Golden Sombrero is what the 4-strikeout game is sometimes known as, Hoskins got it last night again, here's the list from this season so far: (excludes last night)
1Rhys Hoskins2019-08-13PHICHCW 4-20000004
2Scott Kingery2019-07-23PHIDETW 3-21101004
3J.T. Realmuto2019-07-20PHIPITL 1-50000004
4Scott Kingery2019-06-26PHINYMW 5-40000004
5Roman Quinn2019-04-18PHICOLL 2-60000004
6Rhys Hoskins2019-04-15PHINYML 6-70000004
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