Saturday, August 31, 2019

Mets trounce Phils at home

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The Phillies try to score, it looked if Dickerson had snuck his hand in before being tagged out, but even after replay the runner was ruled out

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Nola pitches very well but the Phillies offense couldn't do much on offense early in the game

Nola and the Phillies can't solve the Mets, once bullpen is introduced. It's a story we've heard a lot this year, the Phillies stay close to a team in a game that Aaron Nola is pitching and then the bullpen comes in and it becomes a completely different game.

That's what happened last night, as the Phillies couldn't hit Zack Wheeler, the Phillies finished 5-13 with RISP but for most of the game, the Phillies couldn't score a runner even though they had many opportunities.  They lost by a final score of 11-5.

In the top of the 8th the bullpen gave up 5 runs, then in the top of the 9th it was the same thing, the Phillies bullpen is an unpredictable bunch of pitchers, but last night, it was nothing but bad.

This seems like a recap of all the problems the Phillies have had all year, they can't score at times, and have runners to do it, and the bullpen is not reliable. Those two glaring deficiencies have shown themselves all year.  

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Phillies push past Pirates 12-3 and NY Mets in for the weekend

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Is Rhys back? He showed some improvement last night at the plate

The Phillies finished the series with the Pittsburgh Pirates strong, with a 12-3 win last night. The team finally scored some runners in scoring position, as you can see by the stat 8-22 with RISP, the Phils could have scored a whole lot more last night.

Pitching held up their part as well, as Vince Velasquez earned his 6th win in a Phillies uniform this year behind his 7 losses.

Rhys Hoskins got a couple hits last night, a double and a triple to again break out of his drought. Corey Dickerson went 1-5 last night and left 5 runners on base. Cesar Hernandez went 3-5 with 3 RBI's on the night, bringing his BA to .284 on the season.

Bryce Harper went 2-4 with 1 RBI, his BA is at .255 - as the Phillies as a team banged out 17 H on the night total to their 12 run explosion.

What will the team do against the Mets, the NY Mets have surged in the last few weeks but ran into some tougher opponents in the Chicago Cubs, but the Mets have a 27-14 second half record to show for themselves. They have re-energized the Mets fan base, and have given Mets fans a new reason to like baseball again in New York.

The Mets have a 4-9 record against the Phillies this year so far though, will the Phils be able to continue this dominance? The NY Mets have had a 15-9 August, and still have an outside chance to win a playoff spot.

Off day today on Thursday, and the series with the Mets starts on Friday night.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Sean Rodriguez earns his spot in Phillies fans Boo History

Chase Utley cut to the chase on this candid comment when fans booed him in NY at the All-Star Game

There's been a long love that most fans that go to Phillies games have with this team. People look forward to showing up at the ballpark, enjoying all the sounds and smells that really makes attending an MLB game a real treat.

There are a few that feel the need to get their voices heard via a booing yell, and that's a small minority of fans but they make themselves vocal enough to be heard. Why do they boo? They are showing displeasure in  the way a player has played or worse, even mentioning the fans in a bad light will be getting you booed.

Sean Rodriguez tried to explain, "If you think I'm not playing well, please support me... " but went further and said words to the effect that penetrated the fans thin skin in calling the fans,  "entitled". But what did he really mean? Fans are entitled to boo if they feel like they should? I'm not sure exactly what he meant, he then went on to further back pedal into the corner of Philly fans 'boo'dukon. Just don't go there, if a reporter asks you about booing, you might as well just change the subject. Yes, Phillies fans have wondered how this utility player has stayed on the team, just playing very sparingly and not hitting the cover off the ball by any stretch when he does.

Maybe you could be a player that just goes right at the fandom that taunts, like Jonathan Papelbon did a few years ago? Take the offense on them? Or Chase Utley, with his comment to the fans in NY made on National TV?

Our own Bryce Harper fell victim of the boo early on, in game 2 in a Phillies uniform, but watch and listen to the video here made from the stands, it's a big loud obnoxious fan that gets this started then his sycophants join in to make it seem like more that it is:

Ryan Howard made it a point to say to the fans in his retirement, not to boo the players on the field, he sounded hurt by it still, a testament to what it means to go out there and give your all, but only to have it sound like the fans don't support you, which they do, it's just the few well throated people that happen to be in the stands that particular night or day...

Here's Howard's recent speech:

Here's what the ugliness sounded like at CBP last night... as the boos rained down.. (Remember Rodriguez did have the winning hit the night before)

Sean Rodriguez went through what a lot of longtime Phillies players have went through at one point or another in thier careers. Hearing it from the fans. Maybe it's a token of appreciation, as they usually love the ones they boo as well. I don't think the Philly fans go out of their way to boo the opponents who play here with as much regularity as they boo their own players, which is a shame. 

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Phillies fans have some thin skin, and Phils lose again to subpar team in Pirates

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Harper is the bright spot on this Phillies team late in the season

All right, another night, another struggle for the Phillies. Before the game we anticipated that Sean Rodriguez would be getting booed for what he said about fans that were booing him for his performances in a Phillies uniform. Oh, yes, he did get the game winning walk-off HR for the win against the Pirates in Game 1 - which the Phillies somehow pulled out of their hats.

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Rodriguez is hit by a pitch, and fans clap and cheer, a low point for Phillies fans

I don't think you boo a guy that just won a game for this team, but mob mentality takes over sometimes and people want to make themselves heard. Maybe they're not just booing Rodriguez, but the whole Phillies team in what's been happening lately? I don't think too many hometown crowds go to a ballgame to boo their own team, but they do in Philadelphia. Now what happened after Rodriguez when people cheered and jeered Rodriguez is a real shame. There is a line, and Phillies fans crossed it, nothing more to say that they are sick people.

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It's the Phillies fans that are 'all wet' booing a guy that won a game for you

The radio broadcast tried to mask the fan's passion with a right to boo, it's a shame. Booing your own team never is a good idea, it's almost embarrassing.  Larry Anderson tried to make a comparison to Mike Schmidt with booing, but he could have easily put Ryan Howard's name into the mix. Not that I am a big fan of Sean Rodriguez, but I wouldn't go out of my way to boo him, I'd rather just blame management for having him on this team.

That being said, the Phillies lost on Tuesday night, by a score of 5-4. The Phillies had plenty of chances, but came up empty going 3-13 in RISP and couldn't overcome not being able to get runners across the plate. They have been struggling now with this for 2 years. It seems nothing can cure it, not even the top notch sabermetrics department who provides all those wonderful useless numbers that everyone ooooh's and aaaahhh's about sometimes.

What to do with this Phillies team? Neris should be gone after this season, he's had plenty of chances, and he's shown he's not an effective closer. He has 5 losses now. He's getting more shaky with every closing he is doing.

This team needs a lot of tinkering. It's not a playoff team, I've written them off from the playoffs, I don't think there is a chance they make it. It's just that they don't have that winning combination, a few problems with the starters, and some of the regulars at times.  Yes, at times, you kind of think it's possible and mathematically, apparently it still is that they make the playoffs, but they don't play like a winning team.

It's game 3 of the series with a Pirates team that maybe the Phillies should beat, but the Phillies are also quite the mediocre team, so what we're seeing here is what this team is. A team that has a tremendous problem moving runners, pitching being poor at times, and other hustle type issues.

What happened to Rhys Hoskins, will he end up like Daren Ruf did a few years ago, he isn't exactly a superstar yet. He's sort of going the other way.

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Sunday loss at Miami by Phils thankfully closes the book on Players Weekend

It sounds like so much fun, Player's Weekend. What happened next was all throughout the MLB baseball world fans complained loudly at what they were seeing the teams wearing. One team in all white, one team in all black. It was repeated through the whole league. Nicknames on the back of the shirts, that you couldn't even read... very bad, poor by the MLB with this. Twitter and other social media outlets were swamped with complaints and calls for the MLB to stop.

Thousands of Twitter posts on the horrible unis the MLB wore this weekend

The Phillies even fell under the spell of poor play on Sunday as they lost 2 or 3 games to the lowly Miami Marlins in a series that they should have done well. I couldn't even watch this series, the uniform colors actually caused me to look away from the screen they were so unappealing. But, I listened on the radio feeds to the weekend series, to spare my eyes from the sight of these garish uniforms. Enough is enough, yeah, we get it, let the players have some fun, but this wasn't too fun for the fans that pay the money to see this.

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The Phillies offense didn't show up in Miami on Sunday, maybe too much fun on Saturday night?

The Phils could only muster 4 hits in this game, a HR from Rhys Hoskins provided 2 runs, but that was all and it wasn't enough to win. This team is not a playoff team, it's probably closer to a team that it is slowly becoming - a .500 ballclub that is in need of serious work in all aspects of the game. What does the sabermetrics department say about this?

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Big Fella "Rhys Hoskins" gets his first HR in many games, he's been in an epic slump

Upcoming, we have a home series with the Pittsburgh Pirates and another off day Thursday for the Phillies (they seem to have too many off-days lately and it's not helping them) - and then after this series at home, we'll welcome in the New York Mets, that will culminate next Sunday night on ESPN's Sunday Night Baseball. Where will undoubtedly hear all about how great the Mets have turned it around and the Phillies have run things into the ground.

It's getting more frustrating watching this team as the season is going on, I would suspect we will see some booing going on at home, especially if the Phils get behind in the games with Pittsburgh and or New York. They've kind of earned it, even though the team went into Boston and won two.

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Phils get embarrassed in Miami by the score of 19-11

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19 runs later the Phillies lose in what were the worst uniforms I've ever seen two teams wear for a game and surprise, it's all weekend? What is the MLB coming to?

I don't know what it is about the Miami air, but the Phillies just can't seem to beat a team that is at the bottom of the basement in the NL East. In a game where I can't remember ever seeing the worst uniforms as we have for player's weekend, and that is all across baseball. Maybe that's the reason for the Phillies loss by a 19-11 score? The unis were the most plain and drab looking things I've ever seen, in fact, I don't even want to watch another game in the series to see the unis again.

The Phillies were in all black, and the Marlins were in all white. No accents, just a plain jersey, and pants. This is the way all the teams were decked out, and twitter among other social media outlets was alight in terrible comments about this uniform choice by the MLB. They need to stop with all this, it's really annoying now.

Back to the game last night, Vince Velasquez should be along side of Nick Pivetta in packing his bags soon from the Phillies team, this experiment should be over, they need starting pitching. Eflin is looking over their shoulders too, the Phils have kept these three far too long now, they are inconsistent and not reliable in a rotation or elsewhere.

Cool Phillies shirt here!

The Phils had coasted to a 6-0 lead in the 2nd inning, and we must remember that the Marlins had just lost 6 in a row, but the Phillies should have made it 7 in a row, but as we know, that is what the Phils can't do to teams sometimes. To allow a team to storm back like that is a crime, especially a team like the Marlins. If you read yesterday's post right here at - I pondered can the Phils beat the Marlins?

The whole pitching staff last night was terrible. Their ERA's are terrible, can the Phillies staff this team with qualified pitching? I don't think the answer is yes, it's plain to see that except for Nola, this staff is pretty much a house of cards most of the time. Who is in charge of the pitching sourcing, surely not the sabermetrics department- or are they?

The Phils get embarrassed, giving up 19 H on 19 R and get solidly beat by a team that should have continued their losing streak.

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Phils swept Boston, but can they beat the Marlins?

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Neris celebrates another great outing on Wednesday night in Boston

The Phillies have done something they hadn't done in 19 years on Wednesday night, that is sweep Boston in a series... Well, it was a short two game series, but that's a long time to go without being able to sweep a team in either a two or three game series.

A lot of Phillies fans are taking a wait and see approach to see whether they will stand behind this team. There is a lot of talk about the team winning a couple in a row, then losing a few in a row. This is the biggest reason a lot of fans aren't jumping on the Phillies bandwagon yet. That's kind of how 'fair weather' fans react, they like the team when they are winning, but at the risk of following a losing team, they hold out until the team starts to show it's true colors.

So beating Boston was great, as the rest of the games remaining, the Phils have to do their best to win those games as well. Only 37 games remain now on the schedule, this is the sprint to the finish. The Phillies are still in contention at this point for some sort of playoff appearance.

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Bryce Harper has been carrying the load in the last 7 or so games, he's really showing his worth now

The Phils play a team that loves to show up and tell teams that even though they may not be in a spot for playoff contention, they play the spoiler. The Phils couldn't seem to handle the Marlins that well this year, the Phils are 6-7 against a team that they should be beating. Calls for a sweep have to be ignored, the Phillies have to take 1 game at a time, they have to concentrate on winning just one game at a time.

Can the Phillies do it with this starting rotation? The Magic 8 Ball would probably return an answer of 'Probably Not". I always loved to shake up that Magic 8 Ball and read those answers, but looking at reality that is probably what will happen. The starting rotation other than Nola has been unpredictable and sometimes downright not good. It's not a big playoff rotation. There was no big upgrade at the starting pitcher position by management this year late near the trade deadline.

Prior to last night's game in Boston the Red Sox were 20-10 against the Phillies at Fenway, now they are 20-11 at the home ballpark. All time against the Phils now with the Boston Red Sox loss in both games, the Sox still hold a great record of 41-28 as of now.

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The Marlins have now lost 6 in a row, recently swept by Atlanta

We've heard it a lot lately, the Marlins series is going to be crucial, but really every game until the end of the season is crucial. The Phillies have had some off days to get some rest in. Can they keep it going as they have the last week or so?

The Marlins series kicks off Friday night:

Zack Eflin takes the mound for the Phils, and for the Marlins, Hector Noesi, he's 0-3 with a 9.39 ERA

MLB Notes:

The NL Wildcard Game will take place on October 1, 2019 on TBS

The AL Wildcard Game will take place on October 2, 2019 on ESPN

The World Series will start off on Tuesday, October 22, 2019 on Fox - at the team with the best record of the NL and AL Champions.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Phils and Boston tangle at Fenway later tonight

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Rafael Devers was the hero of the day for the Red Sox on Sunday at Fenway, hopefully the Red Sox will be cooled off for the series with the Phillies

The Boston Red Sox aren't doing that bad this year, Gabe Kapler would agree that he would probably be proud of the way they've played, as he is the Phillies most of the time. It seems like the Red Sox though won't be making the playoffs, they are 6.0 GB in a Wild Card race that is filled with teams that have better records than the Red Sox.

The Red Sox have a 67-59 record on the season, 8 games over .500 and have a +82 run differential, meaning that they've scored 82 more runs total than their opponents have in games this year. The Phillies on the other hand are 64-60, they are 2.0 GB from a crowded Wild Card field that has seen the Mets crawl back into the picture in a big way, and the Phils though have a -18 run deficit in the games that they have played, the have scored 592 runs to their opponents 610 total runs.

Milwaukee and the Phillies are the only 2 teams that have a negative run deficit but are in still contention for a Wild Card spot. The Brewers have even scored -32 runs fewer than their opponents but are still in contention, they are 2.5 GB in the WC race. There is still plenty of baseball to be played for the rest of the season.

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After being a bit on the quiet side, we saw Bryce Harper show that he still is an All Star caliber player in the last week

The Phillies lost a chance to keep some momentum going into this road trip by not beating the Padres in the series at Philadelphia. The offense couldn't get anything going. That's been a consistent theme, several players are in slumps. Rhys Hoskins just needs to try to make contact with the ball, all of his walks he's accumulated aren't a substitute for the strikeouts and the missed opportunities with runners on base.

In Boston, Chris Sale has elbow issues so we won't be facing him in this series, he's out for the rest of the season. The Red Sox have been talked about the lack of being able to do what the Phillies haven't been able to do with much success this season, move runners and score them. They also have had pitching issues. Sound familiar? Even the Little Leaguers had something to say the other night about former Red Sox reliever Craig Kimbrel as seen below:

For the Phillies, it will be Aaron Nola starting for them, one pitcher (the only one) that the Phillies can sort of rely on to go out and give a pretty good start on the mound each time he starts a game. The Phils need more of this, they haven't gotten it with Jake Arrieta, healthy or not, Arrieta hasn't been consistent here. The need for another quality pitcher is screaming at management for the Phillies but nothing has been done about it.

Again, we don't really know what to expect from this Phillies team tonight, they play really well at some times and really poorly others.

 Brian Cashman of the Yankees is held at gunpoint after being pulled over in his own Jeep, someone didn't get the memo that Cashman's stolen Jeep had been recovered days earlier... There was a separate report of a man with a gun during this time as well there in Connecticut. Not one of the GM's better days.   

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Phillies look for series win vs Padres at 1:05 PM

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Eflin didn't look that sharp last night, the Padres had 7 H in 3.2 Innings

The Phillies couldn't continue the winning streak last night, there was no late inning heroics last night. In this one the Phillies had a 3-0 lead up to half way through this game, but pitching couldn't hold the Padres down. Again, the Phillies had runners on base after the tie, but they couldn't get runs across the board. The Phils were 2 for 10 with RISP.

 Zach Eflin got out of the game when it was 3-3, he lasted 3.2 innings, and gave up 7 H - not a great start by Eflin. He had only 2 strikeouts on the night. Whatever Eflin may have had early in the year is a long forgotten memory. Nick Pivetta came in for relief and gave up 2 R in 1.1 IP, he picked up the loss. The Phils needed a decent starting pitcher, but didn't obtain one at the trade deadline.

Embed from Getty Images
Machado overslides the bag at second and is tagged out last night

We got our first glimpse of Manny Machado in Philly during the series, I am so glad the Phillies didn't sign him. He went 2-5 while his BA is at .264, and he stranded 3 runners on base last night. Machado signed with the Padres for 10 years and $300M - he didn't win over Phillies fans at all, who gave him a round of boos and reminded him that 'we got Harper'.

A quote in the San Diego papers this morning from last night's interview with Machado: (it shows his selfishness, nothing about the team, it's all about him)

“No, I just suck,” Machado said Saturday before the Padres beat the Phillies 5-3 at Citizens Bank Park. “It’s baseball. You go through those. I’m just hitting it right at people. The beauty of this game. Long-ass season, long grind. At the end of the year, I’ll be where I need to be. I’m not worried about that.”

Can the Phillies juggernaut offense return this afternoon, as the team looks to stay on pace with the Nationals and Brewers for the WC race? Those teams battled it out in DC to a 15-14 tilt in favor of the Brewers last night in 14 innings. The Phils are 1.0 GB from a crowded Wild Card picture.

Can the Phils keep on winning? Another start by Jason Vargas for the Phils today, he's been good in his transfer from the Mets,  he's had a long career. Rhys Hoskins is still in a terrible funk, it would be nice to see him just try to make contact rather than trying to send the ball out of the stadium with every swing. Turns out Machado is in a slump as well, 9-57 (.158) with no HRs in the last 14 games.

Rhys Hoskins 2019 batting game logs so far:

2019 Batting Game Log
1Mar 28PHIATL32101410.333.5001.833
2Mar 30PHIATL32110010.333.5001.500
3Mar 31PHIATL01000131.333.6671.667
4Apr 2PHI@WSN50000000.182.4711.016
5Apr 3PHI@WSN50100100.188.409.847
6Apr 5PHIMIN41300410.300.481.981
7Apr 6PHIMIN21101120.318.5161.152
8Apr 7PHIMIN41211200.346.5141.284
9Apr 8PHIWSN42202200.367.5131.446
10Apr 9PHIWSN40000010.324.4771.301
11Apr 10PHIWSN31000010.297.4581.215
12Apr 12PHI@MIA41110110.293.4531.185
13Apr 13PHI@MIA31110010.295.4561.183
14Apr 14PHI@MIA70200000.294.4381.104
15Apr 15PHINYM50000010.268.4141.021
16Apr 17PHINYM30000010.254.405.982
17Apr 18PHI@COL31000001.242.397.946
18Apr 19PHI@COL60300110.265.412.956
19Apr 20PHI@COL51300000.288.422.970
20Apr 21PHI@COL40000000.273.404.924
21Apr 22PHI@NYM41101100.272.398.941
22Apr 23PHI@NYM30000010.262.392.916
23Apr 24PHI@NYM42201210.273.402.981
24Apr 25PHIMIA40000000.261.387.942
25Apr 26PHIMIA20110020.266.400.964
26Apr 27PHIMIA41201201.276.4081.000
27Apr 28PHIMIA30110110.277.4111.005
28Apr 30PHIDET30100110.279.4141.001
29May 1PHIDET41101100.278.4091.011
30May 3PHIWSN31201300.288.4151.045
31May 4PHIWSN41110110.287.4141.040
32May 5PHIWSN20110220.291.4241.056
33May 6PHI@STL40000000.281.4121.024
34May 7PHI@STL53411100.302.4251.076
35May 8PHI@STL30000010.295.4201.056
36May 10PHI@KCR40000000.286.4101.026
37May 11PHI@KCR40100210.285.4101.015
38May 12PHI@KCR31100120.286.4151.015
39May 13PHIMIL40100000.285.4111.002
40May 14PHIMIL30000010.279.408.986
41May 15PHIMIL40100000.278.404.974
42May 16PHIMIL30000100.273.396.954
43May 17PHICOL40000000.266.387.932
44May 18PHICOL30100010.267.390.930
45May 19PHICOL40000000.261.382.909
46May 20PHI@CHC40000010.254.377.892
47May 21PHI@CHC20000020.251.380.889
48May 22PHI@CHC30100120.253.385.891
49May 23PHI@CHC31100110.254.385.888
50May 24PHI@MIL42201110.260.390.909
51May 25PHI@MIL42311210.270.399.945
52May 26PHI@MIL30000000.266.394.931
53May 28PHISTL40200000.271.396.932
54May 29PHISTL40210000.276.397.938
55May 30PHISTL20100120.278.403.944
56May 31PHI@LAD41100000.277.401.935
57Jun 1PHI@LAD40100000.277.398.937
58Jun 2PHI@LAD30000010.273.396.927
59Jun 3PHI@SDP31210010.278.402.939
60Jun 4PHI@SDP40000010.273.398.926
61Jun 5PHI@SDP50000000.267.390.906
62Jun 7PHICIN30000010.263.388.897
63Jun 8PHICIN41110000.263.386.895
64Jun 9PHICIN40100200.263.384.889
65Jun 10PHIARI41301210.271.392.913
66Jun 11PHIARI31200110.276.397.920
67Jun 12PHIARI30000000.273.392.909
68Jun 14PHI@ATL31101220.273.396.923
69Jun 15PHI@ATL31110001.274.397.926
70Jun 16PHI@ATL30000010.271.395.917
71Jun 19 (1)PHI@WSN20100011.273.400.922
72Jun 19 (2)PHI@WSN40000000.268.395.909
73Jun 20PHI@WSN40000010.264.392.898
74Jun 21PHIMIA40320010.272.398.915
75Jun 22PHIMIA31101110.272.399.926
76Jun 23PHIMIA21000020.270.401.923
77Jun 24PHINYM51101100.269.398.925
78Jun 25PHINYM31101110.270.399.935
79Jun 26PHINYM40000010.266.396.924
80Jun 27PHINYM20000020.264.397.922
81Jun 28PHI@MIA30100010.265.398.921
82Jun 29PHI@MIA41101210.265.398.928
83Jun 30PHI@MIA40000100.261.393.915
84Jul 2PHI@ATL20100020.263.397.919
85Jul 3PHI@ATL41110000.262.395.917
86Jul 4PHI@ATL40110110.262.395.917
87Jul 5PHI@NYM31000020.260.395.912
88Jul 6PHI@NYM30110120.260.398.916
89Jul 7PHI@NYM42211201.263.401.931
90Jul 12PHIWSN20000020.262.402.928
91Jul 13PHIWSN32220010.266.405.939
92Jul 14PHIWSN40000000.262.401.929
93Jul 15PHILAD21200010.267.405.942
94Jul 16PHILAD40000000.264.401.932
95Jul 17PHILAD30000010.261.400.926
96Jul 18PHILAD40100200.261.399.921
97Jul 19PHI@PIT30000020.259.399.916
98Jul 20PHI@PIT40000000.256.395.906
99Jul 21PHI@PIT41201101.259.397.917
100Jul 23PHI@DET50200120.261.400.918
101Jul 24PHI@DET50200100.263.400.922
102Jul 26PHIATL30100010.263.401.922
103Jul 27PHIATL41000010.260.399.914
104Jul 28PHIATL41101200.260.397.918
105Jul 30PHISFG41101200.260.396.922
106Jul 31PHISFG40000000.257.393.913
107Aug 1PHISFG41100000.257.391.909
108Aug 2PHICHW50110020.256.392.908
109Aug 3PHICHW31101110.257.393.915
110Aug 4PHICHW40000000.254.390.906
111Aug 5PHI@ARI21000020.253.391.905
112Aug 6PHI@ARI51110000.253.389.901
113Aug 7PHI@ARI30000010.251.388.896
114Aug 8PHI@SFG30000010.249.386.891
115Aug 9PHI@SFG42100010.249.387.889
116Aug 10PHI@SFG30000010.247.386.884
117Aug 11PHI@SFG40000020.245.385.879
118Aug 13PHICHC40000000.242.382.871
119Aug 14PHICHC32100100.243.381.869
120Aug 15PHICHC31000011.241.381.866
121Aug 16PHISDP00000000.241.381.866
122Aug 17PHISDP30000010.240.380.862
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