Monday, July 22, 2019

Phils in Motown - still in hunt for Wild Card

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Phils win by slimmest of margins 2-1 yesterday in Pittsburgh

The Phillies squeaked out a win in Pittsburgh, the game was tied up 1-1 until Rhys Hoskins put the Phillies up in the 11th inning with a HR and the Phils were able to close out the Pirates who were 1-9 with RISP in this game.  Very much like the Phillies sometimes, they couldn't get runs across the plate, but the Pirates had plenty of opportunities.

The Phils move onto Motown on Tuesday night at 7:10 PM, the woeful Tigers are 30-65 on the season, if there is ever a time that the Phillies should sweep a series, it should be this one. Of course we know though, that baseball doesn't always work that way, especially the way the Phillies have been playing this season.

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Phils get upgraded in the bullpen with Smyly added and he pitched yesterday

The Phillies have made a few upgrades, finally the bullpen is no longer a AAA pitcher on the Phillies team. It was crazy to stock a bullpen with pitchers that were brought up from the farm for the most part, except for a few pitchers that have been injured for what seems to be more time than they are healthy in the cases of Pat Neshek and Tommy Hunter, and David Robertson. The Phils have added Drew Smyly as of yesterday, and Mike Morin on the 20th of July.

With all of the setbacks and miscues, the Phillies are still in the hunt for a wild card playoff spot as of July 22- they are a 1/2 game back in the crowded race at this point. The Phils are 7.5 GB from the Atlanta Braves and one game behind the Nationals who are 6.5 GB behind the Braves.

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Tigers celebration of a win at home plate on Sunday vs. the Blue Jays

It's Inter-League play for a series with the Phillies and the Tigers, the Tigers are coming off of a win against the Blue Jays 4-3 in 10 innings and a walkoff victory.

Nola vs Boyd in Game 1 of the series, click here for the preview

Phillies batters over the years that have more than 1 RBI against the Tigers in a game:

Rk Player Date Tm Opp Rslt AB R H 2B 3B HR RBI
1Scott Rolen2002-06-07PHIDETW 11-14141015
2Jason Michaels2004-06-17 (1)PHIDETW 6-23131014
3Maikel Franco2019-05-01PHIDETW 7-34121003
4Odubel Herrera2016-05-25PHIDETW 8-54110013
5Jimmy Rollins2007-06-15PHIDETL 8-125230123
6Pat Burrell2002-06-07PHIDETW 11-15220013
7Peter Bourjos2016-05-25PHIDETW 8-54120012
8Aaron Rowand2007-06-16PHIDETW 6-33120012
9Shane Victorino2007-06-15PHIDETL 8-125120012
10Jimmy Rollins2004-06-17 (2)PHIDETL 4-56031002
11Pat Burrell2002-06-09PHIDETW 7-54221102
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