Sunday, July 28, 2019

Life's a beach - Phils take second whipping from Braves

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The Braves have out hustled the Phillies in this series, and have gotten hits when they needed it

All hands on deck, the Phillies ship is starting to sink fast in the NL East, with another whipping last night by the Braves, the Phils are now back to 7.5 GB in the standings, and they are 4 games above .500 now with the 2 losses in a row at the hands of the Braves.

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Eflin has to be blamed for the past 6 starts, giving up a total of 36 ER combined

What can be done? It seemed like Eflin had a nightmare of an inning last night, it wasn't all his fault, the Phillies had a meltdown in the infield that led to runs behind an error from Segura and another play that could have been an error by Rhys Hoskins. The Phillies should have been out of the inning in the 3rd if the play was made by Segura, it was a manageable 5-1 at that point. Eflin was throwing poorly as well, he was throwing the ball right down the plate. I'm rewatching the 3rd inning by the Braves as I write this blog post.

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Realmuto has cooled off and the Phils don't seem to have an offensive leader

The Phillies were out hustled again, and some key hits by the Braves were the key to a victory last night. The Braves built up a big lead, and I was happy to see that Phillies manager, Gabe Kapler, didn't start putting a position player into the pitcher's spot. Had he done that, he should have earned a ticket out of Philly. We've seen that enough already, it's worn out it's welcome.

The 3rd inning was one of the nightmare innings that you never want to see when it's against the Phillies, a whopping 7 runs were scored. Did Gabe Kapler leave Zach Eflin in a little too long? Yes, I think so in my opinion. Eflin has given up 31 ER in his last 6 starts combined, he's either earned a trip back to AAA or a trip out of Philly forever.

Again, the Phils can shake the dust off and get back on the field and try to salvage something. It's what they have to keep on doing. As of right now the Phillies, as bad as all the last two games look, are still in a Wild Card race. They are 1.0 GB at this time.

The series continues this afternoon vs. the Braves at 1:05 PM

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