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The Arizona Diamondbacks come to Philly on the road

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More players who you probably haven't heard of on the Arizona Diamondbacks, b ut they are good baseball players

The Arizona Diamondbacks are in town for a series with the Phillies, what is interesting about them is their road record, they seem to prefer to be on the road. The Dbacks just came from Toronto, and they are building from a win in Toronto, and have a 34-32 record. They have a 20-16 road record even though they are 14-16 at home in AZ. The Dbacks are 9-4 in interleague play.

The Phillies were poised to pick up a sweep yesterday, when all of a sudden the lead evaporated, and the Phils couldn't answer from a couple runs that the Reds had put up on the board. When was the last time a Phillies player tried to steal home? Bryce Harper decided to give it a try, and he was out at the plate, but at least he tried to do something. The Phillies lost 4-3 in the afternoon game on Sunday dropping to 37-28 on the year.

The Phils are still in a very bad way when it comes to the bullpen, this is something that is a real glaring problem, if nothing is done about it from management, there will be many games that the Phillies will lose because of it.

The Diamondbacks are a spunky bunch, they may not be going to the playoffs (currently a 35% chance), but they are playing top teams tough. The Dbacks have a 4-3 record against the Braves this year, and a 6-1 record over Pittsburgh.

Eickhoff vs Clarke tonight at CBP at 7:05 PM

Who is on the Diamondbacks? Here's a list of the 40-man roster sorted by uniform number:

Current 40-Man Roster
Rk Uni
Name OnActv IL Age B T Ht Wt DoB 1stYr
11Jarrod Dysonus USPosition*34LR5' 10"165Aug 15, 19842006
24Ketel Martedo DOPosition*25SR6' 1"165Oct 12, 19932011
35Eduardo Escobarve VEPosition*30SR5' 10"185Jan 5, 19892006
46David Peraltave VEPosition*31LL6' 1"210Aug 14, 19872006
510Adam Jonesus USPosition*33RR6' 2"215Aug 1, 19852003
613Nick Ahmedus USPosition*29RR6' 2"195Mar 15, 19902011
714Caleb Josephus USPosition33RR6' 3"180Jun 18, 19862008
815Ildemaro Vargasve VEPosition*27SR6' 0"170Jul 16, 19912008
916Tim Locastrous USPosition*26RR6' 1"200Jul 14, 19922013
1018Carson Kellyus USPosition*24RR6' 2"220Jul 14, 19942012
1119Blake Swihartus USPosition10-day27SR6' 1"200Apr 3, 19922011
1221Zack Greinkeus USPitcher*35RR6' 2"200Oct 21, 19832002
1322Jake Lambus USPosition10-day28LR6' 3"215Oct 9, 19902012
1424Luke Weaverus USPitcher10-day25RR6' 2"170Aug 21, 19932013
1525Archie Bradleyus USPitcher*26RR6' 4"225Aug 10, 19922011
1628Steven Souza USPosition10-day30RR6' 4"225Apr 24, 19892007
1729Merrill Kellyus USPitcher*30RR6' 2"190Oct 14, 19882010
1830T.J. McFarlandus USPitcher*30LL6' 3"220Jun 8, 19892008
1931Alex Avilaus USPosition*32LR5' 11"210Jan 29, 19872008
2032Kevin Cronus USPosition*26RR6' 5"250Feb 17, 19932013
2135Matt Andrieseus USPitcher*29RR6' 2"225Aug 28, 19892011
2238Robbie Rayus USPitcher*27LL6' 2"195Oct 1, 19912010
2340Andrew Chafinus USPitcher*29RL6' 2"225Jun 17, 19902011
2441Wilmer Floresve VEPosition10-day27RR6' 3"205Aug 6, 19912008
2545Taylor Clarkeus USPitcher*26RR6' 4"200May 13, 19932014
2650Yoan Lopezcu CUPitcher*26RR6' 3"185Jan 2, 19932011
2752Zack Godleyus USPitcher*29RR6' 3"240Apr 21, 19902013
2853Christian Walkerus USPosition*28RR6' 0"220Mar 28, 19912012
2954Jimmie Sherfyus USPitcher27RR6' 0"175Dec 27, 19912013
3056Greg Hollandus USPitcher*33RR5' 10"205Nov 20, 19852007
3157Jon Duplantierus USPitcher*24LR6' 4"225Jul 11, 19942014
3258Stefan Crichtonus USPitcher27RR6' 3"200Feb 29, 19922013
3363Robby Scottus USPitcher29SL6' 3"220Aug 29, 19892011
3464Joel Payampsdo DOPitcher25RR6' 2"200Apr 7, 19942011
3565Joey Krehbielus USPitcher26RR6' 2"185Dec 20, 19922011
3666Yoshihisa Hiranojp JPPitcher*35RR6' 1"185Mar 8, 19842006
3767Emilio Vargasdo DOPitcher22RR6' 3"200Aug 12, 19962013
3870Bo Takahashibr BRPitcher22RR6' 0"197Jan 23, 19972014
3974Domingo Leybado DOPosition23SR5' 11"160Sep 11, 19952013
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