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The anatomy of a losing streak

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Gabe Kapler loses his temper yesterday and gets tossed out of the game for the first time ever

When things don't go right in baseball, it can seem like nothing is going right. That is the state of the Phillies right now. In the mire of a 6-game losing streak, two to the Miami Marlins at home most recently. You wonder what will happen to make this all change.

When pitching doesn't do well, the bats can't overcome what happens, and when the bats go silent it's not easy to overcome that. So what is wrong with this Phillies team?

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Back to back with Bryce Harper yesterday

Bryce Harper and Rhys Hoskins went back-to-back yesterday for the first time of the season. Phillies fans have been waiting to see this, and a couple months into the season plus, it finally happened yesterday afternoon at Citizens Bank Park.

The Phils have lost 6 games in a row. It's been hard to take for fans that have expected a lot more than the have been doing lately. What is the cause for all of this?

Let's look at some positives: JT Realmuto as of yesterday is the first Phillies catcher with 23 caught stealings before July since 2012 when Carlos Ruiz had 24. Scott Kingery brought his .650 slugging percentage into yesterday's game, he sits 6th on the top 10 just behind Christian Yelich who leads the MLB, then Bellinger, Blackmon, Trout, and Gallo. That's what kind of good hitting Kingery has been doing lately.

The Phillies can just get back on the field today and get a much needed win and build from there. A loss will only deepen the problem with this team. We need a win, and we need it bad.

The Phillies June Swoon so far:

Team Game-by-Game Schedule
Gm# Date Tm Opp W/L R RA
58Saturday, Jun 1boxscorePHI@LADL-wo34
59Sunday, Jun 2boxscorePHI@LADL08
60Monday, Jun 3boxscorePHI@SDPL28
61Tuesday, Jun 4boxscorePHI@SDPW96
62Wednesday, Jun 5boxscorePHI@SDPW75
63Friday, Jun 7boxscorePHICINW42
64Saturday, Jun 8boxscorePHICINW41
65Sunday, Jun 9boxscorePHICINL34
66Monday, Jun 10boxscorePHIARIL813
67Tuesday, Jun 11boxscorePHIARIW74
68Wednesday, Jun 12boxscorePHIARIL02
69Friday, Jun 14boxscorePHI@ATLL-wo89
70Saturday, Jun 15boxscorePHI@ATLW65
71Sunday, Jun 16boxscorePHI@ATLL115
72Wednesday, Jun 19 (1)boxscorePHI@WSNL26
73Wednesday, Jun 19 (2)boxscorePHI@WSNL02
74Thursday, Jun 20boxscorePHI@WSNL47
75Friday, Jun 21boxscorePHIMIAL12
76Saturday, Jun 22boxscorePHIMIAL35
77Sunday, Jun 23previewPHIMIA1:051:051:05
78Monday, Jun 24previewPHINYM7:057:057:05
79Tuesday, Jun 25previewPHINYM7:057:057:05
80Wednesday, Jun 26previewPHINYM7:057:057:05
81Thursday, Jun 27previewPHINYM1:051:051:05
82Friday, Jun 28previewPHI@MIA7:107:107:10
83Saturday, Jun 29previewPHI@MIA4:104:104:10
84Sunday, Jun 30previewPHI@MIA1:101:101:10
85Tuesday, Jul 2previewPHI@ATL7:207:207:20
86Wednesday, Jul 3previewPHI@ATL7:207:207:20
87Thursday, Jul 4previewPHI@ATL7:207:207:20
88Friday, Jul 5previewPHI@NYM7:107:107:10
89Saturday, Jul 6previewPHI@NYM7:157:157:15
90Sunday, Jul 7previewPHI@NYM1:101:101:10
91Friday, Jul 12previewPHIWSN6:056:056:05
92Saturday, Jul 13previewPHIWSN7:157:157:15
93Sunday, Jul 14previewPHIWSN1:051:051:05
94Monday, Jul 15previewPHILAD7:057:057:05
95Tuesday, Jul 16previewPHILAD7:057:057:05
96Wednesday, Jul 17previewPHILAD7:057:057:05
97Thursday, Jul 18previewPHILAD12:312:312:3
98Friday, Jul 19previewPHI@PIT7:057:057:05
99Saturday, Jul 20previewPHI@PIT7:057:057:05
Gm# Date Tm Opp
100Sunday, Jul 21previewPHI@PIT1:351:351:35
101Tuesday, Jul 23previewPHI@DET7:107:107:10
102Wednesday, Jul 24previewPHI@DET1:101:101:10
103Friday, Jul 26previewPHIATL7:057:057:05
104Saturday, Jul 27previewPHIATL7:057:057:05
105Sunday, Jul 28previewPHIATL1:051:051:05
106Tuesday, Jul 30previewPHISFG7:057:057:05
107Wednesday, Jul 31previewPHISFG7:057:057:05
108Thursday, Aug 1previewPHISFG1:051:051:05
109Friday, Aug 2previewPHICHW7:057:057:05
110Saturday, Aug 3previewPHICHW7:057:057:05
111Sunday, Aug 4previewPHICHW1:051:051:05
112Monday, Aug 5previewPHI@ARI9:409:409:40
113Tuesday, Aug 6previewPHI@ARI9:409:409:40
114Wednesday, Aug 7previewPHI@ARI9:409:409:40
115Thursday, Aug 8previewPHI@SFG9:459:459:45
116Friday, Aug 9previewPHI@SFG10:110:110:1
117Saturday, Aug 10previewPHI@SFG4:054:054:05
118Sunday, Aug 11previewPHI@SFG4:054:054:05
119Tuesday, Aug 13previewPHICHC7:057:057:05
120Wednesday, Aug 14previewPHICHC7:057:057:05
121Thursday, Aug 15previewPHICHC7:057:057:05
122Friday, Aug 16previewPHISDP7:057:057:05
123Saturday, Aug 17previewPHISDP7:057:057:05
124Sunday, Aug 18previewPHISDP1:051:051:05
125Tuesday, Aug 20previewPHI@BOS7:107:107:10
126Wednesday, Aug 21previewPHI@BOS7:107:107:10
127Friday, Aug 23previewPHI@MIA7:107:107:10
128Saturday, Aug 24previewPHI@MIA6:106:106:10
129Sunday, Aug 25previewPHI@MIA1:101:101:10
130Monday, Aug 26previewPHIPIT7:057:057:05
131Tuesday, Aug 27previewPHIPIT7:057:057:05
132Wednesday, Aug 28previewPHIPIT6:056:056:05
133Friday, Aug 30previewPHINYM7:057:057:05
134Saturday, Aug 31previewPHINYM4:054:054:05
135Sunday, Sep 1previewPHINYM7:057:057:05
136Monday, Sep 2previewPHI@CIN2:102:102:10
137Tuesday, Sep 3previewPHI@CIN6:406:406:40
138Wednesday, Sep 4previewPHI@CIN6:406:406:40
139Thursday, Sep 5previewPHI@CIN12:312:312:3
140Friday, Sep 6previewPHI@NYM7:107:107:10
141Saturday, Sep 7previewPHI@NYM7:107:107:10
142Sunday, Sep 8previewPHI@NYM1:101:101:10
143Monday, Sep 9previewPHIATL7:057:057:05
144Tuesday, Sep 10previewPHIATL7:057:057:05
145Wednesday, Sep 11previewPHIATL7:057:057:05
146Thursday, Sep 12previewPHIATL7:057:057:05
147Saturday, Sep 14previewPHIBOS7:057:057:05
148Sunday, Sep 15previewPHIBOS1:051:051:05
149Tuesday, Sep 17previewPHI@ATL7:207:207:20
Gm# Date Tm Opp
150Wednesday, Sep 18previewPHI@ATL7:207:207:20
151Thursday, Sep 19previewPHI@ATL12:112:112:1
152Friday, Sep 20previewPHI@CLE7:107:107:10
153Saturday, Sep 21previewPHI@CLE7:107:107:10
154Sunday, Sep 22previewPHI@CLE1:101:101:10
155Monday, Sep 23previewPHI@WSN7:057:057:05
156Tuesday, Sep 24previewPHI@WSN1:051:051:05
157Tuesday, Sep 24previewPHI@WSN7:057:057:05
158Wednesday, Sep 25previewPHI@WSN7:057:057:05
159Thursday, Sep 26previewPHI@WSN4:054:054:05
160Friday, Sep 27previewPHIMIA7:057:057:05
161Saturday, Sep 28previewPHIMIA6:056:056:05
162Sunday, Sep 29previewPHIMIA3:053:053:05
Gm# Date Tm Opp
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