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Phils rally in Atlanta and return favor - Happy Father's Day '19

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Hail Cesar, with the game winning hit last night, and a key single to win the game for the Phillies last night

Ok, the Phillies showed some heart last night, a late inning rally is what was needed to surpass the Atlanta Braves that led the game at 5-4  until the Phillies scored two runs in the top of the 9th inning and close the door on the surging Braves who were on an 8-game winning streak going into the game last night. Phils win 6-5 on key hitting by a guy who many thought would not be on this team this year.

The winning hit came from Cesar Hernandez, yes, the Phillie who is really kind of a whipping boy amongst a few fans. We can't forget that everyone on a team isn't a superstar, but to contribute to the team at key moments is what we're looking for, and that's what Cesar seems to do. A few other players on the team are expected to come up with the big hits but of course that doesn't always happen either.

We're still waiting for the days when Bryce Harper and Rhys Hoskins start getting hot with the bat at the same time. We've seen glimpses of this in small doses but the better outcome will happen when we see this happening more.

Starting pitching hasn't been reliable in the past couple weeks, the Phillies have been victim of the home run ball far more than any other starting rotation in baseball. Below is a chart sorted by HR allowed by a team up through the start of play today in the NL:

Team Standard Pitching Table
LgAvg2128.54.693534.5074.3570118625 30291
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What this team would do well to get much better is keep the ball in the ballpark more, and get more timely hits of course by players who should be on paper doing that. It sounds easy, but in reality it's like looking at a lot of sabermetrics stats, it can be mildly interesting but it's just numbers on a computer screen or a piece of paper.

Anyway, the Phillies finish up with the Braves today at 1:20PM in Atlanta. It was a much needed confidence booster last night for the Phils, but they need to keep winning of course. The Braves have bolstered their team up, the Phils have been battered with injury and have not elected to get a closer in baseball that is a top named talent.

Here's a look at the top players in baseball as sorted by On Base Percentage, a stat that takes into account this calculation: as it appears on -


OBP refers to how frequently a batter reaches base per plate appearance. Times on base include hits, walks and hit-by-pitches, but do not include errors, times reached on a fielder's choice or a dropped third strike. (Separately, sacrifice bunts are removed from the equation entirely, because it is rarely a hitter's decision to sacrifice himself, but rather a manager's choice as part of an in-game strategy.)

Player Standard Batting
1Cody Bellinger*23LAD682455387225784443.355.451
2Christian Yelich*27MIL6323156792656164148.342.444
3Anthony Rendon29WSN562044964154813039.314.411
4Jeff McNeil*27NYM56209267032001626.335.406
5Freddie Freeman*29ATL702765185194913751.308.397
6Rhys Hoskins26PHI692483868154914872.274.397
7Kris Bryant27CHC662445567153813953.275.395
8Justin Turner34LAD63224336972812638.308.393
9Josh Bell#26PIT692665186196403162.323.391
10David Dahl*25COL61228437773521862.338.389
11Anthony Rizzo*29CHC662474569195133341.279.389
12Willson Contreras27CHC611983256133612663.283.385
13Nolan Arenado28COL692725189175722536.327.383
14Juan Soto*20WSN602253865114133458.289.383
15Michael Conforto*26NYM612173856133354062.258.383
16Charlie Blackmon*32COL542384879154421545.332.382
17Yasmani Grandal#30MIL632163560153933854.278.381
18Andrew McCutchen32PHI592194556102924355.256.378
19Brandon Belt*31SFG65203335192823951.251.378
20Max Muncy*28LAD692334365164333869.279.376
21Ronald Acuna Jr.21ATL702794580154593078.287.366
22Paul DeJong25STL682564771123353154.277.364
23Dexter Fowler#33STL62185264672242851.249.364
24Nick Markakis*35ATL71246456663503835.268.363
25Trevor Story26COL6928263821647122783.291.360
26Corey Seager*25LAD66237406683812851.278.359
27Adam Eaton*30WSN67258387061852953.271.354
28Bryce Harper*26PHI702604164124834290.246.354
29Josh Donaldson33ATL672383958113113777.244.353
30Eduardo Escobar#30ARI702804782175712465.293.350
31Jason Heyward*29CHC652263357102643443.252.350
32Wilson Ramos31NYM63202315573802337.272.348
33Pete Alonso24NYM692514366235302576.263.348
34Paul Goldschmidt31STL692614068122703372.261.348
35David Peralta*31ARI58239336993701859.289.345
36Mike Moustakas*30MIL632504670214532151.280.345
37Manny Machado26SDP692573967133813061.261.342
38Eugenio Suarez27CIN682473464154213068.259.342
39Joey Votto*35CIN62233325961512962.253.342
40Ozzie Albies#22ATL712804277103352748.275.341
41Eric Hosmer*29SDP702704077104602159.285.338
42Miguel Rojas30MIA66223226101852130.274.337
43Kolten Wong*28STL682242856730132641.250.337
44Joc Pederson*27LAD621924245183302345.234.336
45Ketel Marte#25ARI702864780194932249.280.333
46Dansby Swanson25ATL712664371134362559.267.333
47Matt Carpenter*33STL66239365392543968.222.333
48Jose Iglesias29CIN64218286342411336.289.332
49Marcell Ozuna28STL672544966185672762.260.332
50Brian Anderson26MIA67253226272842764.245.332
51J.T. Realmuto28PHI662424467103631859.277.331
52Jean Segura29PHI60244426862741630.279.330
53Ian Desmond33COL64207325593611962.266.330
54Christian Walker28ARI682423661122742676.252.330
55Nick Ahmed29ARI70249366952842155.277.329
56Kyle Schwarber*26CHC652313654153313475.234.328
57Starling Marte30PIT592574274103411847.288.326
58Javier Baez26CHC682784480174621690.288.325
59Ryan Braun35MIL642242861113741556.272.324
60Cesar Hernandez#29PHI69257306873342037.265.324
61Adam Jones33ARI652493669133911444.277.323
62Wil Myers28SDP692173749112392989.226.323
63Adam Frazier*27PIT64248356531621835.262.322
64LgAvg per 600 PA224535741332171751138.249.320
65Joe Panik*28SFG61223245532032328.247.319
66Orlando Arcia24MIL69238305982932454.248.316
67Brian Dozier32WSN672192650102412563.228.315
68Evan Longoria33SFG62209234972622147.234.309
69Jesse Winker*25CIN622003046101801938.230.309
70Lorenzo Cain33MIL66277426942772152.249.306
71Victor Robles22WSN67235385592891566.234.304
72Hunter Renfroe27SDP642023050214031560.248.298
73Yadier Molina36STL5520920554344822.263.293
74Franmil Reyes23SDP672163052193301766.241.291
75Brandon Crawford*32SFG65222234751922357.212.286
76Amed Rosario23NYM67264266483661665.242.285
77Steven Duggar*25SFG64239255742811474.238.280
78Enrique Hernandez27LAD652222647103302059.212.279
79Maikel Franco26PHI65215264493202228.205.277
80Kevin Pillar30SFG6323029558318738.239.267
81Yasiel Puig28CIN632382553123591363.223.264
82Starlin Castro29MIA68269196242811344.230.261
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Here's a look at the Braves scores in games in May and the very hot June they are having now, the Phillies just snapping an 8-game winning streak last night:

Team Game-by-Game Schedule
Gm# Date Tm Opp W/L R RA W-L GB Win Loss Time
Gm# May Tm Opp W/L R RA W-L GB Win Loss Time
30Wednesday, May 1ATLSDPW5115-152.0FriedQuantrill2:39
31Thursday, May 2ATLSDPL21115-162.5StrahmFoltynewicz2:53
32Friday, May 3ATL@MIAW7216-162.5ToussaintUrena3:08
33Saturday, May 4ATL@MIAW9217-161.5SorokaAnderson3:15
34Sunday, May 5ATL@MIAW3118-161.5TomlinGuerrero3:29
35Monday, May 6ATL@LADL3518-171.5BuehlerGausman2:45
36Tuesday, May 7ATL@LADL0918-182.5RyuFried2:42
37Wednesday, May 8ATL@LADL4918-193.5KershawFoltynewicz2:58
38Thursday, May 9ATL@ARIL-wo2318-204.0DuplantierMinter3:13
39Friday, May 10ATL@ARIW2119-203.0WinklerLopez3:00
40Saturday, May 11ATL@ARIW6420-203.0GausmanKelly3:09
41Sunday, May 12ATL@ARIW5321-203.0FriedGodley3:21
42Tuesday, May 14ATLSTLL31421-213.5FlahertyFoltynewicz3:00
43Wednesday, May 15ATLSTLW4022-212.5SorokaWacha2:40
44Thursday, May 16ATLSTLW10223-211.5TeheranWainwright3:16
45Friday, May 17ATLMILW12824-211.5FriedChacin3:25
46Saturday, May 18ATLMILW-wo4325-211.5WebbHader3:34
47Sunday, May 19ATLMILL2325-222.5HaderParsons2:44
48Monday, May 20ATL@SFGW4126-222.5SorokaSuarez2:23
49Tuesday, May 21ATL@SFGL-wo3426-232.5GottJackson3:16
50Wednesday, May 22ATL@SFGW9227-231.5FriedSamardzija2:48
51Thursday, May 23ATL@SFGW5428-231.5JacksonMoronta4:21
52Friday, May 24ATL@STLW5229-231.5FoltynewiczMikolas2:44
53Saturday, May 25ATL@STLL3629-242.5MillerWinkler2:40
54Sunday, May 26ATL@STLW4330-241.5WebbWebb4:07
55Tuesday, May 28ATLWSNL4530-252.5StrasburgFried3:21
56Wednesday, May 29ATLWSNL41430-263.5SanchezGausman3:11
57Friday, May 31ATLDETL2830-273.0TurnbullFoltynewicz2:52
Gm# June Tm Opp W/L R RA W-L GB Win Loss Time
58Saturday, Jun 1ATLDETW10531-272.0SorokaNorris2:51
59Sunday, Jun 2ATLDETW7432-271.0ToussaintJimenez3:18
60Tuesday, Jun 4ATL@PITW12533-270.5WinklerCrick3:46
61Wednesday, Jun 5ATL@PITL4733-281.5MusgroveGausman2:48
62Thursday, Jun 6ATL@PITL1633-292.0ArcherFoltynewicz2:58
63Friday, Jun 7ATL@MIAW7134-292.0SorokaUrena2:43
64Saturday, Jun 8ATL@MIAW1035-292.0TeheranRichards2:57
65Sunday, Jun 9ATL@MIAW7636-291.0WinklerConley4:26
66Monday, Jun 10ATLPITW13737-29TiedNewcombMcRae3:35
67Tuesday, Jun 11ATLPITW7538-29TiedToussaintArcher3:15
68Wednesday, Jun 12ATLPITW-wo8739-29up 1.0WebbFeliz4:17
69Thursday, Jun 13ATLPITW6540-29up 1.5TeheranMusgrove3:30
70Friday, Jun 14ATLPHIW-wo9841-29up 2.5BlevinsNeris3:30
71Saturday, Jun 15ATLPHIL5641-30up 1.5RamosJackson3:55
72Sunday, Jun 16ATLPHI1:201:201:20GameGameGameGameGame
73Monday, Jun 17ATLNYM7:207:207:20GameGameGameGameGame
74Tuesday, Jun 18ATLNYM7:207:207:20GameGameGameGameGame
75Wednesday, Jun 19ATLNYM7:207:207:20GameGameGameGameGame
76Friday, Jun 21ATL@WSN7:057:057:05GameGameGameGameGame
77Saturday, Jun 22ATL@WSN7:157:157:15GameGameGameGameGame
78Sunday, Jun 23ATL@WSN1:351:351:35GameGameGameGameGame
79Monday, Jun 24ATL@CHC8:058:058:05GameGameGameGameGame
80Tuesday, Jun 25ATL@CHC8:058:058:05GameGameGameGameGame
81Wednesday, Jun 26ATL@CHC8:058:058:05GameGameGameGameGame
82Thursday, Jun 27ATL@CHC2:202:202:20GameGameGameGameGame
83Friday, Jun 28ATL@NYM7:107:107:10GameGameGameGameGame
84Saturday, Jun 29ATL@NYM4:104:104:10GameGameGameGameGame
85Sunday, Jun 30ATL@NYM7:057:057:05GameGameGameGameGame
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