Sunday, June 30, 2019

Phillies need Arrieta to have a winning outing today in Miami

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Bullpen woes have again surfaced for the Phils - Adam Morgan with his 3rd loss of the year, also his 3rd blown save

Alright, the jubilence of the Phillies victory over the Mets in 4 straight games have left us, familiar cries of losing have replaced this from talk radio and fans alike who expect the Phillies to be able to handle a team like the Miami Marlins. Now, there is two losses in a row by the Phils, this doesn't happen to 'good' teams.

The Marlins have found a little magic of their own against the Phillies, yesterday coming back from a 7-1 deficit to beat the Phillies in an unlikely comeback. Had the Phillies won, there would be a little bit of solace there, but they didn't and the pundits and detractors came back at the Phillies with a fierce call. The team just doesn't have the right ingredients, and that is well known from the bullpen, we've known about the bullpen and it's problems. This didn't go away folks.

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Maybe Bryce Harper can shave his beard to change his play on the field? He's batting .243 on the season with 14 HR on the year

Jake Arrieta needs to go out and pitch like Eflin did last night, and the Phils have to close out the Marlins with a win today or we'll be back to a bad point in the season as the Braves are the next opponent for the Phillies coming up on Monday.

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Hunter looks almost completely out of shape on the mound, he's not looking very MLB in his return to the mound

What more can we say? The Phils offense did it's job yesterday, then the bullpen let the team down, there was no big investment in the pen. Tommy Hunter was a waste of money, the guy doesn't even really look Major League ready, was he on a steady diet of cheesesteaks and milkshakes the whole time he was on the DL? Another 'tool' of the bullpen is Pat Neshek, he's only pitched in 18 innings so far this year.. amazing, and he's given up 11 runs - 10 of those being Earned Runs. He's getting paid big money, which as we know has been a waste of money by the Phils.

Big game for the Phils today, they need a win badly.

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