Wednesday, June 05, 2019

Jay Bruce helps Phillies snap losing streak with 2 HR and 6 RBI

I was a little suspect when I heard the Phillies were signing Jay Bruce, a lot of that feeling came from the Mets fans when he was with them just a short time ago. Bruce is only 32 but it seems like he's been in the MLB forever, as his career with the Reds started at 21 years old. Perhaps he's hitting his prime right now though, as last night, in his first career start with the Phillies, Bruce smacked two HR's, one of them a Grand Slam for a 6-RBI night.

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Jay Bruce carefully watches his Grand Slam HR leave the Petco Park Field, what an impressive debut

Another clue about something being amiss with the Phillies signing Jay Bruce is that the Mariners also packaged up around $18 million of the approximately $21M owed to him and sent that to the Phillies as well. It's almost like a gift, here's a quality caliber ballplayer, and we'll even pay you to take him. It just doesn't sound right.

The losing streak was snapped at 5 - though the Padres tried to crawl back into this game last night, the final score was 9-6 even with all of Jay Bruce's heroics. We got news that Andrew McCutchen has been lost for the season due to a torn ACL, but he has already said, he is looking forward to playing next season for the Phils.

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Bryce welcomes Bruce with a warm welcome

Phillies fans kind of expected we would see these kind of games from Bryce Harper, and hopefully we will, as Bryce is still sort of finding his way to do his part to help the Phillies win ballgames. Ok, Bryce we're ready when you are, anytime you want to start hitting those HR's is fine with us.

The Phils have one more in San Diego, an afternoon affair today local time is 3:40 PM - Jake Arrieta gets the start, hopefully to improve upon his last bad start against the Dodgers. Then it's back home to Philly for Cincinnati Reds coming to town for a weekend series.   

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