Monday, May 27, 2019

Rare Memorial Day off for Phillies gives time to reflect

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A holiday normally associated with barbecues, and big sales sometimes gets lost in the translation of the real meaning of the holiday, it's Memorial Day 2019.  Oh, and baseball is sometimes associated with the holiday as well. A time for thanks and memorializing the fallen soldiers that gave their all in the service of keeping this country free. It's an American holiday with a deep debt that was paid by many for the population.

A time for baseball today as ESPN has it's Triple Header on tap for the baseball fanatics, but us Phillies fans get the day off, as do the players who will enjoy a rare holiday off with family and friends. We start up yet another important series with St. Louis on Tuesday night.

Let's take a look at a list of Cardinals that have hit the Phillies hard, specifically the top 20 or so when it comes to RBI against the Phillies:

Rk Player Date Tm Opp Rslt PA AB R H 2B 3B HR RBI
1Jose Martinez2018-05-18STLPHIW 12-455241015
2Randal Grichuk2015-06-20STLPHIW 10-155331024
3Yadier Molina2012-05-27STLPHIW 8-322120014
4Yadier Molina2018-06-20STLPHIL 3-443220023
5Matt Carpenter2018-06-19STLPHIW 7-655221013
6Dexter Fowler2017-06-11STLPHIW 6-544121013
7Jedd Gyorko2017-06-10STLPHIW 7-043111003
8Adam Wainwright2016-05-02STLPHIW 10-322121013
9Jhonny Peralta2015-06-19STLPHIW 12-453011003
10Matt Adams2015-04-30STLPHIW 9-355130013
11Matt Adams2013-07-24STLPHIW 11-344121003
12Shane Robinson2013-07-24STLPHIW 11-355030103
13Matt Carpenter2012-08-12STLPHIL 7-866041003
14Matt Holliday2012-08-11STLPHIW 4-155130013
15Carlos Beltran2012-05-27STLPHIW 8-344110013
16Yadier Molina2012-05-24STLPHIL 9-1055140013
17Allen Craig2011-09-18STLPHIW 5-044331023
18Lance Berkman2011-06-23STLPHIW 12-255120013
19Matt Holliday2010-07-20STLPHIW 7-144120013
20Randy Winn2010-07-20STLPHIW 7-154220013

The Cardinals have been through a lot of changes, very similar to the Phillies, but they are doing ok at this point at .500 but this is team the Phillies should be beating, so we'll see how they do against the Cards.

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Harper looks in a reflective way in Milwaukee with the loss to the Brewers on Sunday, he leads the league in strikeouts at 73

A day off, some rest, a little reflection, and the Phillies should be back strong and ready to play some winning ball.

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