Monday, May 20, 2019

Phils head to Chicago with sweep under belt

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Harper saw all of this ball that he put over the center field wall to give the Phils a 7-5 lead - after the game he said he loves Phillies fans, because "They give a crap" about baseball and the team

The Phillies looked as if they weren't going to sweep the series yesterday ( what would be the 2nd series sweep of 2019), but JT Realmuto hit a 2-run HR in the later part of the game, in the 6th and brought the Phillies back even with the Rockies at Citizens Bank Park on a beautiful afternoon for baseball. Just a few minutes later, Bryce Harper would send a ball over the center field wall to pull the Phillies ahead in the game, which they eventually won by a 7-5 score which is the margin that Harper's HR put the Phils ahead in this game.

The Phils swept the Rockies for the first time this season, they were 1-3 in Colorado earlier this year.
The Phillies team apparently loves to play on Sunday, their record is now 7-1 on that day, they are 5-3 on Saturdays... the worst day of the week so far for the Phils is Monday and Thursday, they are 2-3 on both those days.

Here's what the season looks like so far in the win/loss column, and the upcoming 7 games that the Phillies have:

Team Game-by-Game Schedule
Gm# Date Tm Opp W/L R RA Rank GB Win Loss Attendance
1Thursday, Mar 28PHIATLW1041TiedNolaTeheran44,469
2Saturday, Mar 30PHIATLW861TiedMorganParsons44,597
3Sunday, Mar 31PHIATLW511up 1.0ArrietaWright41,410
Gm# April Tm Opp W/L R RA Rank GB Win Loss Attendance
4Tuesday, Apr 2PHI@WSNW821up 0.5EflinScherzer35,920
5Wednesday, Apr 3PHI@WSNL-wo8920.5DoolittleRobertson23,050
6Friday, Apr 5PHIMINW1041up 0.5PivettaOdorizzi28,021
7Saturday, Apr 6PHIMINL2620.5PinedaArrieta44,693
8Sunday, Apr 7PHIMINW211up 0.5EflinBerrios39,735
9Monday, Apr 8PHIWSNW431up 1.0DominguezSanchez28,212
10Tuesday, Apr 9PHIWSNL6101up 0.5DoolittleAlvarez38,073
11Wednesday, Apr 10PHIWSNL1151TiedHellicksonPivetta30,805
12Friday, Apr 12PHI@MIAW9120.5ArrietaAlcantara9,322
13Saturday, Apr 13PHI@MIAL31020.5SmithEflin13,828
14Sunday, Apr 14PHI@MIAW311up 0.5AranoChen15,238
15Monday, Apr 15PHINYML6720.5AvilanNeshek32,423
16Tuesday, Apr 16PHINYMW1431up 0.5PivettaMatz43,933
17Wednesday, Apr 17PHINYMW321up 1.5ArrietaWheeler39,861
18Thursday, Apr 18PHI@COLL261up 1.0FreelandEflin27,562
19Friday, Apr 19PHI@COLL-wo341TiedBettisNicasio35,423
20Saturday, Apr 20PHI@COLW851up 1.0NolaSenzatela40,530
21Sunday, Apr 21PHI@COLL141up 1.0GrayEickhoff28,287
22Monday, Apr 22PHI@NYML151TiedMatzArrieta25,293
23Tuesday, Apr 23PHI@NYML0921.0WheelerEflin26,049
24Wednesday, Apr 24PHI@NYMW601TiedVelasquezVargas27,685
25Thursday, Apr 25PHIMIAL1320.5GuerreroNeris32,060
26Friday, Apr 26PHIMIAW401up 0.5EickhoffUrena31,159
27Saturday, Apr 27PHIMIAW1291up 1.5ArrietaRichards37,868
28Sunday, Apr 28PHIMIAW511up 1.5EflinLopez39,168
29Tuesday, Apr 30PHIDETL131up 1.0TurnbullVelasquez31,759
Gm# May Tm Opp W/L R RA Rank GB Win Loss Attendance
30Wednesday, May 1PHIDETW731up 2.0DominguezFarmer28,103
31Friday, May 3PHIWSNW421up 2.5DominguezJennings33,125
32Saturday, May 4PHIWSNL8101up 1.5SippMorgan43,319
33Sunday, May 5PHIWSNW711up 1.5EflinSanchez40,497
34Monday, May 6PHI@STLL061up 1.5MikolasVelasquez38,419
35Tuesday, May 7PHI@STLW1111up 2.5NolaHudson38,562
36Wednesday, May 8PHI@STLW501up 3.5EickhoffFlaherty42,309
37Friday, May 10PHI@KCRL151up 3.0BaileyArrieta20,015
38Saturday, May 11PHI@KCRW701up 3.0EflinKeller24,463
39Sunday, May 12PHI@KCRW611up 3.0IrvinJunis19,640
40Monday, May 13PHIMILW741up 3.5MorganAlbers26,169
41Tuesday, May 14PHIMILL161up 3.5WoodruffEickhoff31,533
42Wednesday, May 15PHIMILL251up 2.5GonzalezArrieta28,129
43Thursday, May 16PHIMILL3111up 1.5DaviesEflin38,346
44Friday, May 17PHICOLW541up 1.5IrvinGray28,079
45Saturday, May 18PHICOLW211up 1.5NolaSenzatela42,354
46Sunday, May 19PHICOLW751up 2.5GarciaShaw38,603
47Monday, May 20PHI@CHC8:058:058:05GameGameGameGameGame
48Tuesday, May 21PHI@CHC7:057:057:05GameGameGameGameGame
49Wednesday, May 22PHI@CHC8:058:058:05GameGameGameGameGame
Gm# Date Tm Opp
50Thursday, May 23PHI@CHC2:202:202:20GameGameGameGameGame
51Friday, May 24PHI@MIL8:108:108:10GameGameGameGameGame
52Saturday, May 25PHI@MIL4:104:104:10GameGameGameGameGame
53Sunday, May 26PHI@MIL2:102:102:10GameGameGameGameGame
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Cutch has been very clutch for the Phils so far this season, he's a solid professional

The probables for the Chicago 4-game series:

Phils ae throwing, Arrieta, Eflin, Irvin, and Nola, the Cubs counter with, Darvish, Quintana, Hamels, and Lester 

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