Tuesday, May 07, 2019

Phils even up series and look for a series win in St. Louis

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Bryce enjoyed a glimpse at the Grand Slam in St. Louis, it was his first Grand Salami as a Phillie

If you watched Game 1 in St. Louis with the Cardinals taking on the Phillies, you may have gotten the impression that the Phillies may be in a little trouble there. The Phils looked flat in Game 1 and couldn't get anything started as they lost by a convincing score of  6-0, they fell to a 19-15 record with 5 wins on the road vs. their 8th loss.

Well, as they say, just wait until tomorrow. For Game 2, the Phillies could do no wrong. Bryce Harper haters probably didn't like what they saw from him, as he smacked his first Grand Slam as a Phillie. It seems like a lot of disgruntled fans from the Nationals and other teams that were in the running for him seem to take delight when he's not doing well. This one was for you! A Grand Salami as they call it. The Phils finished off the Cards by a 11-1 score.

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Aaron Nola kept the Cardinals off their feet in Game 2 of the series in St. Louis

The Phils needed a blowout, with Aaron Nola on the mound, it seemed like everything went well for the team in the victory and they will take on the Cardinals in an early matinee tomorrow at 1:15 PM for an afternoon get away game as the Phils will continue on to Kansas City for a weekend series with the Royals and interleague play.

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A Royals fielder got air with this attempted catch but couldn't come up with it

The Royals have been horrible, so it's going to be interesting if the Phils can sweep into KC and perhaps sweep those Royals in the process. We'll take it game by game though, no need to look that forward into the future as the Phils really haven't been all that predictable. In fact, in the last 15 games played in St. Louis, the Phils had a 3-12 record against them.

Pitching for the Phils on Wednesday afternoon will be Jared Eickhoff, with his 1-1 record and 2.05 ERA and he's going up against Jack Flaherty, who has a 3-2 record with a 4.17 ERA. In starting up the series against the Cards on Monday night, the Phils embarked on a 35 game series where they will not play an NL East opponent. You have to figure that would happen because it seems like we've been playing the Mets and the Nats, and the Marlins in series after series since the season started.

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