Friday, May 24, 2019

Phils blow out of windy city with a split

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Realmuto is going yard often for the Phillies lately - he hit one out of Wrigley yesterday

 The good news is that the Phillies ended up splitting the series with the Cubs and left town yesterday afternoon with a victory. It ended up being a narrow victory though, with the Phillies up 7-0 in the 4th inning, the team almost let the Cubs back into the game, and they did just that managing to hold on to a 9-7 victory.

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Lester couldn't figure out the Phillies yesterday at Wrigley

Jon Lester didn't look that sharp, a long HR by JT Realmuto put the Phils up 4-0 with a bomb that went out of Wrigley. The Phils looked like they were having a field day until the the 4th inning when the Cubs started crawling back into the game. It was 7-3 by the bottom of the 4th.

Phillies reliever, Pat Neshek gave up 3 H and 3 ER with 2 HR in his relief appearance, he didn't have it yesterday at Wrigley. He looked as if he was pitching batting practice yesterday vs the Cubs. The Phils wouldn't surrender though, as the offense answered to put the Phils just safely up enough to earn the victory.

It's ironic though, as I mentioned in the latest edition of Phillies Talk Podcast that no Phillies lead seems safe. If they are up by 7 runs, there still is no guarantee that they will be winning that ballgame.

No rest for the weary though, it's the Brewers up next, with a 3-game series in Milwaukee. Again, the Phillies will be tested as they were in Chicago facing a quality opponent. The Brewers beat the Phils in 3 out of 4 games in Philly just a week or so ago.

JT Realmuto batting by the numbers this season:

2019 Batting Game Log
Rk Gtm Date Opp Rslt AB R H 2B HR RBI OBP SLG
11Mar 28ATLW,10-4310000.250.000
22Mar 30ATLW,8-6412013.375.714
33Mar 31ATLW,5-1201001.417.667
44Apr 2@WSNW,8-2500000.294.429
55Apr 3@WSNL,8-9411101.318.444
66Apr 5MINW,10-4320000.333.381
77Apr 6MINL,2-6200000.310.348
88Apr 7MINW,2-1401000.303.333
99Apr 8WSNW,4-3311000.324.333
1010Apr 9WSNL,6-10503000.357.371
1111Apr 10WSNL,1-15300000.333.342
1212Apr 12@MIAW,9-1522001.340.349
1313Apr 13@MIAL,3-10300000.321.326
1414Apr 14@MIAW,3-1100000.315.319
1515Apr 15NYML,6-7501002.317.308
1616Apr 16NYMW,14-3533215.338.421
1717Apr 17NYMW,3-2412000.348.426
1818Apr 18@COLL,2-6411012.342.462
1919Apr 19@COLL,3-4400001.329.435
2020Apr 20@COLW,8-5512000.333.432
2121Apr 21@COLL,1-4101001.341.440
2222Apr 22@NYML,1-5400000.326.418
2323Apr 23@NYML,0-9302000.337.427
2424Apr 24@NYMW,6-0311100.351.435
2525Apr 25MIAL,1-3400000.337.416
2626Apr 26MIAW,4-0321011.343.446
2727Apr 27MIAW,12-9512000.345.443
2829 (1)Apr 30DETL,1-3301000.351.440
May Gtm Date Opp Rslt AB R H 2B HR RBI OBP SLG
2930May 1DETW,7-3422100.356.452
3031May 3WSNW,4-2300000.347.439
3132May 4WSNL,8-10411103.341.441
3234 (1)May 6@STLL,0-6300000.333.430
3335May 7@STLW,11-1412001.338.432
3436May 8@STLW,5-0310000.336.421
3537May 10@KCRL,1-5301100.340.427
3638May 11@KCRW,7-0501000.336.419
3739May 12@KCRW,6-1511102.331.418
3840May 13MILW,7-4322101.342.431
3941May 14MILL,1-6400000.333.418
4042May 15MILL,2-5402000.337.421
4144 (1)May 17COLW,5-4411100.335.423
4245May 18COLW,2-1400000.327.412
4346May 19COLW,7-5111012.331.435
4447May 20@CHCW,5-4522012.333.453
4548May 21@CHCL,2-3400000.326.442
4649May 22@CHCL,4-8502101.328.446
4750May 23@CHCW,9-7411011.330.459
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