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Bryce Harper's first month as a Philadelphia Phillie

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Almost but no cigar last night with a tough catch attempt from Bryce Harper

Bryce Harper came to the Phillies with much excitement at the start of the season, fans lined up at the ticket booth to purchase tickets in large numbers just after the announcement that Bryce Harper had made his decision to join the Phillies with their generous offer of $330M dollars spread out over 13 years.

That was all well and good then, and it's still all well and good, but what we've been seeing in the last week or so has led to a little concern among certain fans that have seen some 'chinks in the armor' (and no PC police, this isn't a racist remark thank you) in the play of Bryce in the second half of April. His BA has slid down to .240 and he dropped a ball out in right field last night, proving he's human not a machine.

It's a new month today, May 1st and all that happened in April is now history. That being said, let's take a look at Bryce's performances day by day for April with the help of (one of my favorite baseball websites by the way):

2019 Batting Game Log
Gcar Gtm Date Tm Opp Rslt AB H HR RBI BB SO HBP BA SLG OPS Pos
9281Mar 28PHIATLW,10-43000120.000.000.250RF
9292Mar 30PHIATLW,8-63111100.167.6671.042RF
9303Mar 31PHIATLW,5-13211210.3331.1111.650RF
9314Apr 2PHI@WSNW,8-25313020.4291.2141.770RF
9325Apr 3PHI@WSNL,8-92200300.5001.1881.840RF
9336Apr 5PHIMINW,10-44000120.400.9501.521RF
9347Apr 6PHIMINL,2-64200020.417.9171.479RF
9358Apr 7PHIMINW,2-12000210.385.8461.402RF
9369Apr 8PHIWSNW,4-33000110.345.7591.284RF
93710Apr 9PHIWSNL,6-104113110.333.7881.299RF
93811Apr 10PHIWSNL,1-152000110.314.7431.243RF
93912Apr 12PHI@MIAW,9-15201020.325.7001.191RF
94013Apr 13PHI@MIAL,3-103000120.302.6511.125RF
94114Apr 14PHI@MIAW,3-17100020.280.6001.038RF
94215Apr 15PHINYML,6-76101030.268.554.968RF
94316Apr 16PHINYMW,14-32100101.276.552.984RF
94417Apr 17PHINYMW,3-23000110.262.525.948RF
94518Apr 18PHI@COLL,2-63000110.250.500.915RF
94619Apr 19PHI@COLL,3-47501010.296.549.987RF
94720Apr 20PHI@COLW,8-55113010.289.566.991RF
94821Apr 21PHI@COLL,1-43000110.278.544.963RF
94922Apr 22PHI@NYML,1-52000020.272.531.941RF
95023Apr 23PHI@NYML,0-93000020.262.512.910RF
95124Apr 24PHI@NYMW,6-04101130.261.511.910RF
95225Apr 25PHIMIAL,1-33000100.253.495.887RF
95326Apr 26PHIMIAW,4-03112100.255.521.918RF
95427Apr 27PHIMIAW,12-94102110.255.520.917RF
95528Apr 28PHIMIAW,5-12001111.250.510.910RF
95629Apr 30PHIDETL,1-34000020.240.490.878RF
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Generated 5/1/2019.

So Harper has been a Phillie for 29 games, and yes, we're expecting some great play from him, we've seen a few great plays already and there will be some bad days as well, last night being one of them. He's got to start focusing more on baseball, the game and not the promotion aspect of the game. Giving new shoes to the Phanatic is great, don't get me wrong, but perhaps a little more focus on just baseball the game, without the selling of tickets and the posing for photo ops is needed here. No pressure but just focus.

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Harper strikes out in the 8th inning last night for the Phillies

We'll see as the month of May yields yet more great games of baseball, Game 2 of the short series with the Tigers continues tonight, Aaron Nola looks to lower his ERA it is at 5.68 as he faces Daniel Norris for the Detroit Tigers in a good pitching matchup.

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