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Brewers in for 4-game series after Sunday Night Baseball in Chicago

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The Phillies had a much longer rest than the Brewers did in preparation for this series. The Brewers were playing last night on Sunday Night Baseball in Chicago. The Brewers ended up losing to the Cubs by a 4-1 score last night, then had to fly out to Philly and get there for tonight's scheduled 7:05 PM start. Such as the life of a baseball player. Of course the surroundings are very posh and you should be able to sleep at the five star hotels that the ball teams stay at.

We'll see if the Brewers look a little jet lagged tonight on the field. Any slight edge the Phillies have is a good thing. The first time starter, Cole Irvin, yesterday had a very great result, in fact he may have earned himself a spot in the rotation now that Vince Velasquez has ended up on the 10-day DL - or IL as they call it now. I kind of still like the DL moniker for this.

The Brewers are 24-18, they lost a step or two with the Cubs series, they lost 2 of 3 games to the Cubbies and dropped down to second place in the standings, as the Cubs took first place with their 24-14 record. The Cubs have gone 8-2 in their last 10 games.

This is the start (if you listened to the latest Phillies Talk Podcast you would know) of a very tough part in the Phillies schedule. The next several weeks has the Phillies playing the Brewers in 7 games, and many other better opponents. In other words this may be one of the parts of the season that will define this team. If they can win often, it will put them in a great place, if not, then it will be somewhat of a big setback for the Phils.

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The keys to the series obviously is not letting Christian Yelich hurt you. Moves by Phillies manager, Gabe Kapler, to walk certain players are non-existent though, so if a player is going to get a chance to hurt you, guys like Yelich will take full advantage of this. We'll see what happens as the series unfolds.

Tonight it will be Aaron Nola vs. Freddy Peralta in what should be the best pitching matchup of the series.

What Brewers have hurt the Phillies the most over the past 10 years in one game (sorted by RBI):

Rk Player Date Tm Opp Rslt PA AB R H 2B 3B HR RBI
1Ryan Braun2014-04-08MILPHIW 10-455330037
2Ryan Braun2018-06-08MILPHIW 12-444220025
3Ryan Braun2015-08-16MILPHIW 6-144110015
4Eric Thames2018-06-17MILPHIL 9-1064220024
5Jonathan Lucroy2013-05-31MILPHIW 8-555351024
6Ryan Braun2009-04-21MILPHIL 4-1155250024
7Prince Fielder2008-04-23MILPHIW 5-444220024
8Ji-Man Choi2018-06-09MILPHIW 12-311110014
9Ryan Braun2017-07-22MILPHIW 9-843331014
10Ryan Braun2017-07-14MILPHIW 9-644110014
11Lyle Overbay2014-07-08MILPHIL 7-955110014
12Corey Hart2012-08-16MILPHIW 7-444110014
13Corey Hart2010-05-15MILPHIL 6-1044121014
14Prince Fielder2009-09-25MILPHIW 8-444220014
15Jesus Aguilar2018-06-15MILPHIW 13-254110013
16Jesus Aguilar2018-06-09MILPHIW 12-355221013
17Orlando Arcia2017-07-14MILPHIW 9-644110013
18Carlos Gomez2012-07-23MILPHIL 6-742320013
19Casey McGehee2011-04-19MILPHIW 9-055110013
20Prince Fielder2010-09-05MILPHIW 6-253110013
21Mat Gamel2009-09-27MILPHIL 5-622110013
22Ryan Braun2009-09-26MILPHIW 7-555130013
23Mike Cameron2009-09-25MILPHIW 8-444110013
24Prince Fielder2007-08-04MILPHIW 6-544120013
25J.J. Hardy2007-05-14MILPHIL 6-855220013
26Ryan Braun2012-08-16MILPHIW 7-443320022
27Corey Hart2010-09-04MILPHIL 4-544220022
28Gabe Gross2007-05-17MILPHIW 3-232220022
29Jesus Aguilar2018-06-17MILPHIL 9-1055130012
30Christian Yelich2018-06-15MILPHIW 13-254210012
31Jonathan Villar2018-06-09MILPHIW 12-354210012
32Brett Phillips2017-07-16MILPHIL 2-511110012
33Jonathan Villar2016-06-04MILPHIW 6-355130012
34Jonathan Villar2016-06-03MILPHIL 3-643110012
35Jonathan Villar2016-06-02MILPHIW 4-155120012
36Alex Presley2016-04-24MILPHIW 8-511110012
37Ryan Braun2016-04-23MILPHIL 6-1055130012
38Adam Lind2015-07-01MILPHIW 9-555220012
39Mark Reynolds2014-07-08MILPHIL 7-911110012
40Mark Reynolds2014-04-09MILPHIW 9-454210012
41Carlos Gomez2013-06-09MILPHIW 9-144210012
42Ryan Braun2012-08-18MILPHIL 3-444130012
43Ryan Braun2012-08-17MILPHIW 6-254110012
44Ryan Braun2012-07-25MILPHIL 6-764132012
45Aramis Ramirez2012-07-24MILPHIL 6-744120012
46Ryan Braun2009-04-23MILPHIW 6-153220012
47Ray Durham2008-09-14 (1)MILPHIL 3-744110012
48Prince Fielder2008-09-11MILPHIL 3-642110012
49J.J. Hardy2007-05-16MILPHIL 2-644110012
50Corey Koskie2006-05-28MILPHIL 2-644110012
51Carlos Lee2006-05-27MILPHIW 9-655220012
52Hernan Perez2018-06-15MILPHIW 13-255230011
53Christian Yelich2018-06-08MILPHIW 12-455220011
54Travis Shaw2017-07-22MILPHIW 9-854231011
55Brett Phillips2017-07-21MILPHIL 1-633110011
56Travis Shaw2017-07-15MILPHIW 3-244110011
57Hernan Perez2017-07-15MILPHIW 3-244110011
58Domingo Santana2016-06-04MILPHIW 6-354220011
59Chris Carter2016-06-02MILPHIW 4-143110011
60Scooter Gennett2016-04-24MILPHIW 8-544110011
61Ryan Braun2016-04-24MILPHIW 8-544220011
62Chris Carter2016-04-23MILPHIL 6-1043121011
63Khris Davis2015-08-14MILPHIW 3-133110011
64Carlos Gomez2014-07-10MILPHIL 1-944110011
65Scooter Gennett2014-07-08MILPHIL 7-955130011
66Carlos Gomez2014-04-09MILPHIW 9-455231011
67Martin Maldonado2013-06-09MILPHIW 9-142210011
68Jean Segura2013-06-08MILPHIW 4-344220011
69Jonathan Lucroy2013-06-01MILPHIW 4-344220011
70Aramis Ramirez2012-08-18MILPHIL 3-444110011
71Aramis Ramirez2012-08-16MILPHIW 7-443210011
72Rickie Weeks2012-07-25MILPHIL 6-754140011
73Carlos Gomez2012-07-24MILPHIL 6-755110011
74Zack Greinke2012-07-24MILPHIL 6-732110011
75Ryan Braun2012-07-24MILPHIL 6-744330011
76Corey Hart2011-09-08MILPHIL 2-744110011
77Yuniesky Betancourt2011-09-08MILPHIL 2-733110011
78Jonathan Lucroy2011-04-20MILPHIL 3-443110011
79Ryan Braun2011-04-19MILPHIW 9-053320011
80Prince Fielder2010-09-04MILPHIL 4-544121011
81Alcides Escobar2010-09-04MILPHIL 4-543110011
82Casey McGehee2010-05-16MILPHIL 2-443110011
83Corey Hart2010-05-16MILPHIL 2-444120011
84Prince Fielder2010-05-15MILPHIL 6-1044221011
85Alcides Escobar2010-05-15MILPHIL 6-1011110011
86Prince Fielder2010-05-14MILPHIL 5-944120011
87Jim Edmonds2010-05-14MILPHIL 5-944230011
88George Kottaras2010-05-14MILPHIL 5-943210011
89Mike Cameron2009-09-27MILPHIL 5-654210011
90Bill Hall2009-04-23MILPHIW 6-144110011
91J.J. Hardy2009-04-22MILPHIW 3-143120011
92Mike Cameron2008-09-14 (1)MILPHIL 3-743110011
93Prince Fielder2008-09-14 (2)MILPHIL 1-633110011
94Ryan Braun2008-09-13MILPHIL 3-755110011
95J.J. Hardy2008-09-11MILPHIL 3-644110011
96Ryan Braun2007-08-05MILPHIL 6-866120111
97Ryan Braun2007-08-04MILPHIW 6-544120011
98Johnny Estrada2007-05-15MILPHIL 3-444110011
99Prince Fielder2007-05-15MILPHIL 3-443110011
100Johnny Estrada2007-05-14MILPHIL 6-844110011
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