Friday, May 31, 2019

Phillies head west with beleaguered bullpen

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The Phillies need to cool down the hottest hitter in the league right now

The Phils couldn't sweep out the Cardinals at home but took the series from them. Not to say we didn't have chances late in the game yesterday either, the Phils were down by 1 run with 2 runners on base and Scott Kingery and JT Realmuto couldn't get the hit to tie the game up, the Phillies ended up losing 5-3 on the afternoon 'getaway game' giving the chance for the team to leave a little early to go out to LA to face the Dodgers.

The Dodgers are waiting for the Phillies and they are sitting up their in first place with a 38-19 record. The Phillies are in first in the NL East with a 33-23 record. That's all well and good but the Phillies bullpen is battered with injuries all of a sudden. One by one, the Phillies bullpen has lost a few key components that make it up. Adam Morgan and Pat Neshek are the latest to join the IL, already occupied by David Robertson and Tommy Hunter.

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Maybe the Phils and manager Gabe Kapler can cool off the Dodgers

We haven't had to rely on the bullpen in a few games, so that hasn't presented itself as a big problem that it is yet. When the time comes, we'll see just how big a problem it is. Hopefully the bats will come alive out in the West Coast road trip and we won't need the 'pen all that much.

LA has an 8.5 game lead on the nearest team to them, the San Diego Padres, but the Phillies have the Atlanta Braves in thier rearview mirror, they are only 3.0 GB in the NL East from the Phillies.

The player to watch is Cody Bellinger, he's leading a lot of offensive categories, not only with the Dodgers but in the NL itself. What can manager Gabe Kapler do to knock the Dodgers and Bellinger off his game. How about a couple intentional walks? We don't see any stealing from this Phillies team or any strategy coming from the manager in reference to walking players who are hitting the cover off the ball. 

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Odubel Herrera's Memorial Day plans didn't include that

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Odubel looked to be getting his swing back, after a long spell of the kind of player we weren't accustomed to seeing, has he played his last game as a Phillies player?

What a shame, Odubel Herrera went from a guy who was our somewhat quality center fielder to suspended and awaiting further instructions from the league as they investigate charges of domestic abuse against his girlfriend that happened in Atlantic City on a nice Memorial Day off for the team.

The trouble happened in the Golden Nugget in Atlantic City's Marina section. Apparently, Odubel's girlfriend, so far unnamed, ended up with marks on her arm and neck. She is reported to be 20 years old, and Odubel is 27 - you wonder what could have sparked such an incident. It usually involves too much to drink, although this is just speculation.

Immediately the wheels set in motion regarding Odubel and baseball, the team announcing he was being taken off active voting for the All-Star team, and other sanctions as well. He is still accused at this point isn't he? A rush to get all the legally bound things that a ballclub has to do ensues nonetheless, perhaps you are presumed to be guilty instead of the normal presumption of innocence?

We don't know why it happened, what happened or anything else. There was an apology from Odubel but that doesn't cut it in the baseball world. We've been through this before, with Brett Myers and his wife many years ago in Boston. Yes, it involved drinking and partying then too. Charges were dropped life went on, and Myers didn't seem to be all that affected by it all.

This video portrays some pretty significant violence on the part of females, who knows what happened in the Odubel case, we'll see as the case unfolds

It may have been strange for Myers to go through this, but now it's a stigma that will be attached to Odubel for his remaining days as he goes through it. Maybe it was very minor, we don't know but he will be called "The baseball player that was accused of domestic battery" and that will be attached to him, and later if this all goes to court which it may or may not, he might be addressed as someone that was convicted of domestic battery. What is the whole story? Was the girlfriend abusive to him? We've seen the Youtube videos of females mixing it up, they can inflict some real damage of their own. Perhaps she didn't want to leave the Nugget but Odubel said it was time that they go? Who knows, the guy is a multi-millionaire ballplayer, perhaps he should have been smarter than this.

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Back to work for Phillies facing the Cardinals at home

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The Cardinals have a bunch of gritty ballplayers that may not be household names, but can play very well

The schedule for the Phillies is a little strange, they just finished a road trip, came home after the game on Sunday in Milwaukee, and had a rare off day for Memorial Day. They start up tonight against the Cardinals in Philly to start a 3-game series, and then fly off to the West Coast for another extended road trip.

The Cardinals have had success over the past few years, but nothing in the last couple years. The last time the team won the Central Division was in 2015, it was the highlight of the run they put together also winning the division in 2014 and 2013. '15 was the last year the team made the playoffs at all.

The Cards have put different combinations of players on the field in an attempt to regain their winning ways, this year earlier in the season they looked like they were going to do something good, putting a 5-game winning streak followed up by a 4-game winning streak but then they would lose 4 games in a row.

The Phillies are in first place, and according to Jake Arrieta, this team is one of the best teams in baseball. Ok, I'll take that, maybe not one of the most consistent teams in baseball, but the Phils are in first place and who could argue against it?

We saw the play the other day where Manny Machado didn't run out a ball that was bobbled by an infielder, who after he saw bobble it, he sort of smiled and didn't even start running faster to first even still. If the Phillies would have signed Machado, I would have been done as a Phillies fan for the time that he occupied a spot on this team. I can take Harper's slump that he's been in so far, but I can't take a player like Machado. We'll see if Harper can emerge from his batting average woes and get some hits down, maybe he should concentrate on base hits rather than putting the ball over the fence.

Monday, May 27, 2019

Rare Memorial Day off for Phillies gives time to reflect

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A holiday normally associated with barbecues, and big sales sometimes gets lost in the translation of the real meaning of the holiday, it's Memorial Day 2019.  Oh, and baseball is sometimes associated with the holiday as well. A time for thanks and memorializing the fallen soldiers that gave their all in the service of keeping this country free. It's an American holiday with a deep debt that was paid by many for the population.

A time for baseball today as ESPN has it's Triple Header on tap for the baseball fanatics, but us Phillies fans get the day off, as do the players who will enjoy a rare holiday off with family and friends. We start up yet another important series with St. Louis on Tuesday night.

Let's take a look at a list of Cardinals that have hit the Phillies hard, specifically the top 20 or so when it comes to RBI against the Phillies:

Rk Player Date Tm Opp Rslt PA AB R H 2B 3B HR RBI
1Jose Martinez2018-05-18STLPHIW 12-455241015
2Randal Grichuk2015-06-20STLPHIW 10-155331024
3Yadier Molina2012-05-27STLPHIW 8-322120014
4Yadier Molina2018-06-20STLPHIL 3-443220023
5Matt Carpenter2018-06-19STLPHIW 7-655221013
6Dexter Fowler2017-06-11STLPHIW 6-544121013
7Jedd Gyorko2017-06-10STLPHIW 7-043111003
8Adam Wainwright2016-05-02STLPHIW 10-322121013
9Jhonny Peralta2015-06-19STLPHIW 12-453011003
10Matt Adams2015-04-30STLPHIW 9-355130013
11Matt Adams2013-07-24STLPHIW 11-344121003
12Shane Robinson2013-07-24STLPHIW 11-355030103
13Matt Carpenter2012-08-12STLPHIL 7-866041003
14Matt Holliday2012-08-11STLPHIW 4-155130013
15Carlos Beltran2012-05-27STLPHIW 8-344110013
16Yadier Molina2012-05-24STLPHIL 9-1055140013
17Allen Craig2011-09-18STLPHIW 5-044331023
18Lance Berkman2011-06-23STLPHIW 12-255120013
19Matt Holliday2010-07-20STLPHIW 7-144120013
20Randy Winn2010-07-20STLPHIW 7-154220013

The Cardinals have been through a lot of changes, very similar to the Phillies, but they are doing ok at this point at .500 but this is team the Phillies should be beating, so we'll see how they do against the Cards.

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Harper looks in a reflective way in Milwaukee with the loss to the Brewers on Sunday, he leads the league in strikeouts at 73

A day off, some rest, a little reflection, and the Phillies should be back strong and ready to play some winning ball.

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Friday, May 24, 2019

Phils blow out of windy city with a split

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Realmuto is going yard often for the Phillies lately - he hit one out of Wrigley yesterday

 The good news is that the Phillies ended up splitting the series with the Cubs and left town yesterday afternoon with a victory. It ended up being a narrow victory though, with the Phillies up 7-0 in the 4th inning, the team almost let the Cubs back into the game, and they did just that managing to hold on to a 9-7 victory.

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Lester couldn't figure out the Phillies yesterday at Wrigley

Jon Lester didn't look that sharp, a long HR by JT Realmuto put the Phils up 4-0 with a bomb that went out of Wrigley. The Phils looked like they were having a field day until the the 4th inning when the Cubs started crawling back into the game. It was 7-3 by the bottom of the 4th.

Phillies reliever, Pat Neshek gave up 3 H and 3 ER with 2 HR in his relief appearance, he didn't have it yesterday at Wrigley. He looked as if he was pitching batting practice yesterday vs the Cubs. The Phils wouldn't surrender though, as the offense answered to put the Phils just safely up enough to earn the victory.

It's ironic though, as I mentioned in the latest edition of Phillies Talk Podcast that no Phillies lead seems safe. If they are up by 7 runs, there still is no guarantee that they will be winning that ballgame.

No rest for the weary though, it's the Brewers up next, with a 3-game series in Milwaukee. Again, the Phillies will be tested as they were in Chicago facing a quality opponent. The Brewers beat the Phils in 3 out of 4 games in Philly just a week or so ago.

JT Realmuto batting by the numbers this season:

2019 Batting Game Log
Rk Gtm Date Opp Rslt AB R H 2B HR RBI OBP SLG
11Mar 28ATLW,10-4310000.250.000
22Mar 30ATLW,8-6412013.375.714
33Mar 31ATLW,5-1201001.417.667
44Apr 2@WSNW,8-2500000.294.429
55Apr 3@WSNL,8-9411101.318.444
66Apr 5MINW,10-4320000.333.381
77Apr 6MINL,2-6200000.310.348
88Apr 7MINW,2-1401000.303.333
99Apr 8WSNW,4-3311000.324.333
1010Apr 9WSNL,6-10503000.357.371
1111Apr 10WSNL,1-15300000.333.342
1212Apr 12@MIAW,9-1522001.340.349
1313Apr 13@MIAL,3-10300000.321.326
1414Apr 14@MIAW,3-1100000.315.319
1515Apr 15NYML,6-7501002.317.308
1616Apr 16NYMW,14-3533215.338.421
1717Apr 17NYMW,3-2412000.348.426
1818Apr 18@COLL,2-6411012.342.462
1919Apr 19@COLL,3-4400001.329.435
2020Apr 20@COLW,8-5512000.333.432
2121Apr 21@COLL,1-4101001.341.440
2222Apr 22@NYML,1-5400000.326.418
2323Apr 23@NYML,0-9302000.337.427
2424Apr 24@NYMW,6-0311100.351.435
2525Apr 25MIAL,1-3400000.337.416
2626Apr 26MIAW,4-0321011.343.446
2727Apr 27MIAW,12-9512000.345.443
2829 (1)Apr 30DETL,1-3301000.351.440
May Gtm Date Opp Rslt AB R H 2B HR RBI OBP SLG
2930May 1DETW,7-3422100.356.452
3031May 3WSNW,4-2300000.347.439
3132May 4WSNL,8-10411103.341.441
3234 (1)May 6@STLL,0-6300000.333.430
3335May 7@STLW,11-1412001.338.432
3436May 8@STLW,5-0310000.336.421
3537May 10@KCRL,1-5301100.340.427
3638May 11@KCRW,7-0501000.336.419
3739May 12@KCRW,6-1511102.331.418
3840May 13MILW,7-4322101.342.431
3941May 14MILL,1-6400000.333.418
4042May 15MILL,2-5402000.337.421
4144 (1)May 17COLW,5-4411100.335.423
4245May 18COLW,2-1400000.327.412
4346May 19COLW,7-5111012.331.435
4447May 20@CHCW,5-4522012.333.453
4548May 21@CHCL,2-3400000.326.442
4649May 22@CHCL,4-8502101.328.446
4750May 23@CHCW,9-7411011.330.459
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