Monday, April 29, 2019

Rare complete game for Phils, we welcome Motown on Tuesday

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Cutch playing hard for the Phillies yesterday in the win

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Eflin throws the first CG in a long time for the Phillies

Zach Eflin did what a lot of today's pitchers can't accomplish. That is complete a full game of pitching. If you can remember, Roy Halladay used to do this regularly for the Phillies, he had 9 CG in 2010 for the Phils, and 8 in 2011. It seemed like he wasn't happy unless he pitched a complete game.

The last CG for the Phillies was in 2017, when Ben Lively last pitched the CG in September. They just don't make pitchers like they used to. Eflin improved to 3-3 on the season with the 5-1 win yesterday. This is the third straight series that the Phillies have taken while playing the Marlins.

The Phillies have offered a "May Weekday Plan" for $60 - you'll get admission to all the games in May. That equates to 10 games for Standing Room to all of them. The whole Milwaukee series, and 3 Cardinals games. Not a bad price if you have free time on the weekdays to check out the action.

The Phils have the day off today and then pick up with a short 2-game series against the Tigers at CBP. The last time the Phillies played the Detroit Tigers was in 2016 - the Phils finished a 3-game series at 1-2 in which they played in Detroit.

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New shoes for the Phanatic on his birthday

A lot of fans are still on the fence with Bryce Harper, he's been making himself quietly known since the season started, the weather hasn't really warmed up all that much though and he's still getting acquainted with his new surroundings, so you can't fault him much so far. Still a lot more fans really like Harper, so we'll see how he continues to help the Phillies win down the stretch as the season rolls on.

Tomorrow it will be Vince Velasquez (1-0 1.99 ERA) vs. Tyson Ross (1-3 4.03 ERA)  Kind of a rare 2-game series on tap with the Tigers starting Tuesday, we'll go to Detroit to play the Tigers on July 23 and 24th.

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