Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Phils boil over in NY in loss to Mets

The Phillies might have needed to blow off some steam and that is exactly what they did last night in New York as the calls of a certain umpire started to get on the nerves of Bryce Harper and many other players, Harper chose to do something about it, and charged the ump (preceded by his manager, Gabe Kapler that is).

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Harper looks as though he didn't like a few calls last night in the game

What ensued was a Phillies loss though and then some tough words in the locker room afterwards from Phillies starter, Jake Arrieta. Arietta's comments were directed at his teammates, saying they weren't ready to play and Harper shouldn't have reacted the way he did. At least Harper shows emotion though, and when Arrieta left the mound, he looked as if he didn't give up 7 H and 3 R on the night, he looked as if he pitched ok, uhhh, I hate to tell you Jake, but for $20M we are expecting more from you!

We had Jimmy Rollins in the TV booth last night, cursing during one of the times that the Phillies pitcher hit a second Mets player. Jimmy, you're not supposed to say curses on air! But, he sounded ok, a bit more polished that the normally self depraving John Kruk sounds like most of the time. At times he sounded too fair to the opposite team.

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Jake should try to practice what he preaches more than preaching to the press

But all of this spells a loss for the Phillies, inconsistent and certainly a air of rift in the clubhouse with the way Arrieta opened up his mouth to the press. If anything say that to your teammates, which he probably does anyway, but really I think Arrieta should put his money where his mouth is, he isn't an example of a $20M dollar starter for sure. He's certainly not the clubhouse leader in this group too, but he sounds like he is just so much better than the others.

These two teams go at each other again on Tuesday night, get ready for more action! Phils lost 5-1 in this one, as they show signs of average play in the last few games.

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