Friday, April 26, 2019

Marlins out hit the Phils and take first game of 4

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Bryce Harper has really yet to find his groove with the Phillies

Who would have thought that the Phillies would have trouble with the Marlins in a baseball game this year? Well, we saw just that last night as the Phils and the Marlins battled through a 1-1 tie into extra innings and then the Marlins took a decisive win 3-1 over the Phillies.

The Phillies wore their uniforms from an era that the Phillies were quite good at times, the powder blue uniforms, which ironically were the road uniforms many years ago, were worn last night at the stadium. 

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Castro is the only remaining 'star' on this team

It was Starlin Castro who hit the home run that put the Marlins in the win column last night. Castro is one of the last remaining 'star' players still on the Marlins. It seems every season that the Marlins trade off any of their stars. The Phillies acquired JT Realmuto from the Marlins, the deal was official on February 7th 2019, and we got Realmuto and the Marlins got Sixto Sanchez, Jorge Alfaro, and minor leaguer Will Stewart.

The series carries on through the weekend, The Marlins are 8-17 on the year, the Phillies shouldn't be having problems with this type of team. Speaking of the Phils, they have floated down to almost a .500 season now at 13-12 on the year. Even with the recent losing by the Phils, they are still in second place as the Mets and the Braves have had some setbacks lately as well.

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