Saturday, April 06, 2019

Expectations of winning, sets the bar higher for Phillies team so far

The Phillies have gotten off to a tremendous start so far, with a record of 5-1 so far, they are taking the first step towards telling the other teams in the NL East, that they are the team to beat this year. Last night, the Phillies capped off a win against the Minnesota Twins at home, and put up a 10 run barrage to do so. NBC Sports Philly describes the offense as relentless.

The Phillies have Bryce Harper, but he really hasn't been carrying this team yet, it's more of a team effort that has led to the success of the Phils so far this year. Yes, Bryce has brought a spotlight to this team, and having him in the lineup is a tremendous help to other players in the lineup. You can't just keep walking Bryce Harper to get to other players in the Phillies lineup because they are almost as good, and in Rhys Hoskins example, he is having his plate set for him a lot so far this early season. Hoskins went 3-4 last night with 4 RBI

Pitching hasn't been rock solid for this team so far, but we knew that going into the year. We'll see how this continues to evolve as the season starts to progress. Jake Arrieta needs to have a good game this afternoon, in a special Saturday matinee game that will be broadcast nationally on MLB Network - yes the same network that had the Phils on just a few days ago. His ERA is only 1.50 and he is 1-0 but the consensus is that he just hasn't displayed the dominance that has been associated with his previous years in Chicago.

Not a lot of people expected the Phillies to be contenders going right out of the gate, but it appears that they are becoming that in some people's eyes. As the season is going on, the bar is being raised a bit higher for this team. Expectations are raised and fans start to expect certain things to run in a good way. When it doesn't there is a problem.

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