Friday, March 22, 2019

What to expect from the 2019 Phillies?

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If you go with some of the stuff that was going on with this team last year, you would start to think that maybe this team has found something. Well, that's pretty much out the window for now, because practically the majority of the team has changed.

The success that the 'young' Phillies had last year was in a word, phenomenal. What happened to them after the All-Star Break may be explained by the new faces that were brought in by management to make the team more solid, but it may have messed up a certain chemistry the team had going on up to that point. Also, all of the substitutions last year were making certain players nervous, and rightly so, here comes a lot of newcomers, there perhaps to take your very job away from you.

This year's edition of the Phillies have been fortified by a solid stock of free agents. These free agents should make an impact and we're now just about a week away from games that really count. While the Phillies haven't dominated in Spring Training, they should even out once the season starts for real.

Bryce Harper is getting more comfortable by the day with the Phillies, and so are other players. Check out Bryce Harper's first home run with the Phillies here.

We will really only know what is going to happen when the season gets underway. They certainly have some firepower in their bats, especially the game that the Phillies beat up on the Blue Jays 13-6 on Thursday, March 21.

Pitching may hold the key to how the Phillies do early on, for the first time in many years, the Phillies are opening the season at home in Philadelphia, if there is any area the Phillies didn't tinker with too much is the starting rotation. Nola, Arrieta, Pivetta, Eflin, Vasquez, Eickoff will anchor the starting rotation. If we didn't get Harper, this could be an area that could be focused on.

Projections on the Phillies:

This one is from - it has the Phillies finishing a close 2nd to the Nationals

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