Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Atlantic League to be testing ground in 2019 for MLB rule change proposals

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Manfred should be Public Enemy Number 1 to baseball purists and fans of the game

Baseball purists will probably hate all the changes that are going to be tested in baseball's Atlantic League on the behest of Major League Baseball in 2019 and the baseball commissioner, Rob Manfred. "Make him stop!" will probably be echoed throughout the baseball community by people that don't want to see this game be tinkered with the way Manfred apparently sees fit to do.

No other commish has even dared propose these rule changes and other stupid items that seem so important and are a mandate of this current commissioner.

The more you read, the madder you will get, if you are a real baseball fan. All this will do is start a change in this great game that has gone through a few minor tweaks and adjustments over the years to the out and out sublime changes that are currently being talked about and now tested in this minor league that the MLB has agreed to put some seed money into in exchange for the ridiculous changes promoted by Manfred and his agenda. Again, proving that money is a motivating factor of greed and a league like the Atlantic League would do just about anything to get some of that MLB money that they have plenty of.

Fans should make their voices heard! We shouldn't be sitting by so quietly while a tyrant is trying to ruin a game that has been so great for so many years. 

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