Thursday, April 26, 2018

Phils face Diamondbacks on MLB Live on Facebook Watch exclusively

The Phillies have now played exclusively on Facebook Watch for the 2nd time of only the 4th episode that Facebook has broadcast exclusively this year. The announcers were Scott Braun, Eric Byrnes, and Ben Davis. It was an early 1:05 PM business person's special today at Citizens Bank Park.

Unfortunately, the Phils didn't play all that well today behind the 7 H 4 BB and 7 ER that Ben Lively gave up in the first 3 innings of this game. The thousands of viewers that tuned into the game were treated to an afternoon game in sunny Philadelphia. Viewers averaged around the 30K mark most of the game on Facebook. 

The Phillies lost this afternoon game 8-2, now the Phils are 15-9 on the year.

Facebook signed on with the MLB to stream 25 games this season exclusively. It is said to be the first time that a sports league granted a company like Facebook an exclusivity deal. 

The Phillies had mother nature against them in the first game of this series with the Diamondbacks, they ended up losing 8-4 on a rainy miserable night. A convincing win followed on Wednesday night, 5-3 with Jake Arrieta's 3rd win as a Phillies pitcher. He is now 3-0 with an 1.82 ERA that is currently 11th best in the MLB among starters. 

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