Friday, April 06, 2018

Home win may silence critics for now

The Phillies won the home opener yesterday, beating the Marlins 5-0 and brought a bit of a calm to the rabid amount of fans who were about to mutiny on manager Gabe Kapler for something that was really not too much of a big deal.

We've seen it before, the story (this one about Kapler calling up a relief pitcher who wasn't ready to go) catches fire, people hear what they want to hear about it and then jump on the bandwagon seemingly convinced that there is a problem with manager Gabe Kapler. There was also a play when a fielder was brought in too shallow vs the Mets and a ball was hit way over the head of Nick Williams.

The fans (the vocal ones anyway) let themselves be heard yesterday with booing new Phillies manager Gabe Kapler on his introduction to the city. They also booed when Kapler visited the mound. It's not all the fans that feel this way though, I would venture to say there are more fans who support him than don't by far. Maybe something the fans who support him can do is cheer him or clap for him? That won't happen though, so what we hear is the booing fans, who are almost always a small part of the fans in the stadium. Maybe these fans should look to the Phillies team BA near the bottom of the league and focus on that.

Even on the way home from the home Opening Day win in their cars, some fans felt it necessary to call into the local radio station and explain their feeling on why they booed. In time, their boos will turn to cheers perhaps.

The Phils honored ex-Phillies pitcher Roy Halladay with a moment of silence at the stadium prior to the game. Halladay died in a plane crash in the Gulf of Mexico just off the coast of Florida last year at the age of 40.  Halladay became a pilot after his retirement from baseball, and was performing advanced turns in a high performance plane when it crashed. The plane was an ICON A5, and a previous crash of the same type of aircraft had killed two ICON company representatives in May of 2017, in California.

Nick Pivetta got his first win on the season yesterday. Maikel Franco also did well to silence some of his critics with a career type of day at the plate, he finished with only needing a double to complete the cycle, had 4 RBI including a HR on the day.

The series continues on Saturday night with a 6:05 PM start, and then on Sunday with the debut of Jake Arrieta - the Phillies signed the ace with a 3-year $60M contract.

See Franco's HR here:

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