Sunday, March 11, 2018

Phillies Obtain Arrieta - this could be great for Phillies

The Baseball Talk Radio show recorded March 11, 2018

The Phillies landed Jake Arrieta after what seemed to be one of the latest holdouts in recent memory for such a superstar. Arrieta has landed with the Phillies for a 3-year deal and $75M, that seems like it's a lot of money but pitcher's such as Jake Arrieta are few and far between.

Look at what he's done, a Cy Young Award winner in 2015, and an 18-8 record the following year in 2016. Arrieta really found himself in Chicago after spending some really mediocre years in Baltimore, where he amassed a 20-25 record and had a 5.46 ERA.

A quick look at Jake's numbers in Chicago tells you that he was a big part of the success of the World Series champions of 2016 when the Cubs beat the Indians 4-3 in a hard fought series. He's an 8 year veteran at the age of 32 this year, and just what the Phillies need to possibly lead them to a better finish this season.

Arrieta's Career Numbers:

Standard Pitching
Year Age Tm W L W-L% ERA GS IP Awards
8 Yr8 Yr8 Yr8856.6113.571911161.0
162 162 162 1510.6113.5733203
CHC CHC CHC 6831.6872.73128803.0
BAL BAL BAL 2025.4445.4663358.0
NL (NL (NL (6831.6872.73128803.0
AL (AL (AL (2025.4445.4663358.0
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