Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Latest Baseball Talk Radio Show Podcast - Depace Sports Museum and more!

It's The Baseball Talk Radio Show for this week, my other show other than Phillies Talk Podcast that I do on baseball.

This week we're talking all about the free agents still on the baseball market, what's changed with ownership this year? We're talking about that.

Also, my trip to The Museum of Sports press conference, which was a couple weeks ago. I am still in awe of holding the bat that Babe Ruth used, oh yeah, did I mention it was worth $1.4M too? Before the bigger museum opens in Philadelphia, you can visit the catalyst for the musuem, the Depace Sports Museum and Library in Collingswood NJ. A vast collection of sports memorabilia for you to see!

All this and more, Opening Day pitchers, what plans do you have this upcoming season for baseball, and of course we mention baseball and the 'entertainment dollar'. Tune in and subscribe on Youtube, you can get notifications of new shows if they aren't posted here. This show is also on iTunes and Stitcher Radio and Podomatic.com

Check out the home for great baseball talk shows here, Baseball Talk Radio.com

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