Thursday, December 14, 2017

Kapler puts a positive effort forward visiting players in offseason

The time for Spring Training may be a couple weeks away, but there is a tall task ahead of Phillies manager, Gabe Kapler, as he travelled down to Florida and the Dominican Republic to say hello and meet up with some players in the last couple of weeks.

The quest for a great chemistry is underway as the Phillies are looking to really improve after several poor seasons. The team has languished for a long time now and it's going to be the job of the new Phillies skipper to try to get this bunch to work as a team instead of being independent producers.

The Phils need pitching but GM Matt Klentak has signaled that he probably isn't going to be adding many more impact players, and that may be ok, but how much longer can the Phils be given the status of  'rebuilding'?

Spring Training for the Phils starts up on February, when the Phillies take on the University of Tampa in the kickoff of the Grapefruit League season.

This writer is starting to see a brighter picture on the Phillies scene with the addition of Gabe Kapler, who spoke with a candor about learning the nuance of creating a fun environment for this team, while creating a winning attitude with this group. Bring on Spring!

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