Wednesday, November 22, 2017

The curious career path of Ruben Amaro Jr, he's with the Mets for 2018

Ruben Amaro talks about his return to the field with the Red Sox

Ruben Amaro Jr, remember him? He was a longtime member of the Phillies organization and former GM. Amaro's baseball playing career saw him drafted by the Angels in 1987.  A graduate of Stanford College in California, Ruben Amaro also went to William Penn Charter school in Philadelphia for high school.  His father was of course the Ruben Amaro Sr. played for the Phillies and other teams from 1958-1969, he passed away on March 31st.

Former Phils player Larry Bowa will move up to the front office for 2018
pic r.baxter 2015

We'll be seeing a lot of Ruben Amaro in 2018, now that he has taken a position of first base coach for the New York Mets. Amaro comes to the Mets from the Boston Red Sox, where he was a first base coach for the now ex-Manager of the Red Sox, John Farrell. Farrell was fired from the Red Sox after a successful run that saw the team win the AL East last year. It isn't often a manager is fired when they lead a team to the first place finish.

Former baseball GM's don't normally follow a route from the front office to the field all that often. Amaro has made that transition to this coach's position when he accepted a position with the Red Sox in October of 2015, he stated that he had an itch to return to the field.

Whatever his reason to return to the field, it will be good to see Amaro again, as he's a former member of the Phillies organization and was a key part of the Phillies successes in the time of the amazing World Series win in 2008.

The Mets will play the Phils next season at CBP on these dates:

May 11-13

Aug 16-19

Sep 17-19

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