Thursday, September 21, 2017

Phils put up valiant effort and win 3 of 4 from LA

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Kenta Maeda started for the Dodgers in this game, he reminds me a little of 'The Tornado' Hideo Nomo

The Phils put up a very good fight today against the playoff bound Dodgers. Then poise that this team showed is amazing and they almost pulled something off that really seemed a bit impossible just a few weeks ago.

The Dodgers looked more like the team that's headed to the playoffs in this game than the team that lost 3 to the Phillies.

The star today for the Phillies again was Mr. Rhys Hoskins who made his MLB debut on August 10, has joined the likes of players like Votto, Judge, and Mike Trout in the BB stat. He has walked 31 times up to the start of this game. He has also been one of the most productive players in the game as well, with 43 total RBI since he was called up. Well, that is going to make a lot of Phils fans happy.

Suddenly for the Phillies, they can't seem to get out of the footprint that they have been in since the beginning of the season when they ended up in last place. Their home record is 35-40 now at home, they should be better than that.

Now, the season has dwindled to just 9 more games on the year. Some solid conclusions have been made towards the end of this season. Several players have impressed. Hoskins, Williams, Altherr, and to a certain extent, Herrera. Freddie Galvis is almost a certain player to return for 2018.

The Phils head out to Atlanta for a very brief 3-game series then come back to home to close out the season.

At least it seems like the Phils won't lose 100 games this year. They do have 92 with the loss today though.

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