Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Phils might be in last still but are they are showing signs of what's to come?

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The Phils have now beat the Marlins twice in this series, but you have to admire Ichiro, who keeps himself in tip-top shape, hustles every play, and lives each moment to play this wonderful game of baseball

The Phillies seem to have a new attitude as the season is winding down here in 2017 - only about 3 weeks left in this baseball season for them, but it promises to be an exciting postseason for the other teams in the lead and still in the hunt for wild card spots.

The Phils seem to have found a connection to find ways to win against the Marlins last night with an awesome comeback to win in 15 innings, then a convincing win against them tonight. Is it something great they have found or is it a bunch of players who are trying to earn a spot on next year's team and they just happen to be producing well?

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Odubel Herrera hit his 13th HR of the year on Wednesday night (even though he forgot to run in the game before tonight's in a ball that was in the dirt.. Odubel is just not one to pick up on learning these things and that is frustrating to watch a professional athlete do), and oh yeah, that guy named Hoskins hit another one, this was 17 on the year for him.. One has to wonder would he have cranked out 60 HR's if he had a full season.

Is this what the future holds for the Phillies? Hitting and scoring and good pitching? In only a few more weeks, there will be volumes of pages written about the Phils plans for the offseason, and the hopes and dreams that they aim to fulfill for a successful 2018. But, there is so much to talk about this team in the off season, who will the Phillies pursue in the off season to augment this team?

Aaron Nola notched his 11th win of the season, he has 10 losses, but we are talking about a team that has been a very poorly performing team this year. So you have to look at this with a plus. Could he have won 20 or so with a better offense? I think that it's a great possibility.

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