Tuesday, August 22, 2017

They are home - What is Phillies upper management planning for this Phillies team

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From what we've heard about Matt Klentak, and his connection to the Los Angeles Angels, as an assistant GM, a lot of people were really excited about what he may bring to the future of this Phillies team. Interestingly, he was passed up upon as GM of the Angels when he had an interview for the job and lost out to Billy Eppler back in 2015.

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Is Matt Klentak telling a player that he once stepped on the field for a Dartmouth Baseball Game?

Klentak did get a GM job in baseball when he was hired by a man named Andy MacPhail. MacPhail had been a long time name in baseball, with his father and grandfather both lifers in the game, but Andy walked away from baseball and disappeared from the baseball scene after he stepped down from his President's position with the Orioles back in 2011. A guy who worked with him in Baltimore was named Matt Klentak. Was MacPhail just burned out with the game, and somehow when the Phillies contacted him, he got a yearning to get back into it?

MacPhail's greatest accomplishment in Baltimore may have been bringing Buck Showalter on board as Oriole manager, but he's been criticized that his skill in acquiring quality free agents was something he really lacked in.

Who is calling the shots here in Philly? Is this something that Klentak has a big say in with need to bring a quality free agent of two to Philly. Or is this something that his hands are tied on, and it's actually MacPhail up in the cat bird's seat overlooking and approving?

Pat Gillick seemed to be a master of acquiring free agents. But of course that era is over with this team. Right now the Phillies are not an attractive place for a player to even want to land with the promise that they have been showing the last few seasons even.

There have been articles that have surfaced.. one just yesterday that just want to make you smile. Articles that say what we've heard for a few years, just wait until next year, we're going to be pretty good.. Oh just wait until next year...

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Neris gets no respect, I'll tell ya.....

From the 'no respect' department to add to the list of Phillies embarrassments this year, ex-post facto Phillies closer Hector Neris was called 'an idiot' by Giants player Buster Posey during the game and that comment was then backed up after the game by Giants manager, Bruce Bochy. Now, doesn't that put the topping on this season.

I'm glad that I didn't watch too much of this West Coast road trip that the Phillies took.

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