Friday, July 14, 2017

Phils to start up 2nd half tonight

The Brewers have the NL Central by 5.5 Games at the All-Star Break

The Phillies start up the unofficial 2nd half of the season tonight. The All-Star game is in the books, and now the Phillies have 75 games left in this season to tweak a lineup that hasn't produced well at all as a team.

At the All-Star Break, the Phils were a full 22.5 games back behind the Washington Nationals. They are 13-33 on away games, and reopen the season in Milwaukee against a better Brewers team that stands at 50-41 so far.

The offense doesn't really have a team leader in a majority of the categories. The leader in HR is Tommy Joseph with 15, while BA belongs to Aaron Altherr at .284 and Maikel Franco leads in RBI with 45 on the year so far.

One of the most important roles the Phillies need to fill is a better bullpen, the pen has been horrible all year, no lead is safe and the closer's role has been equally as bad. Maybe Ryne Sandberg knew something when he resigned from the ballclub a year and a half ago, it's been a downhill slide ever since.

The Brewers have been hanging tough in the NL Central, they are in first place with a 5.5 game lead on the Chicago Cubs. Some suspect the Brewers may be buyers at the trade deadline now, with the nice lead they have in the NL Central.

Where does this leave the Phillies? More hope for the future is about all we can look forward to. This season hasn't been good, at times this team shows another side. A really better side that they could go out there and win every night. But, that side of the team doesn't show itself very often.

We can look forward to when the rosters expand to bring up another player or two from the minors and see what direction GM Matt Klentak takes this team on next. He's probably very disappointed so far with what he sees, and will start to make it seem like it's his fault in the not too distant future. This is his team that he's been at the helm for and it seems like we're out at sea and have lost the mainsail a long time ago.

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