Monday, July 31, 2017

Phillies find themselves on the winning side

Winning is refreshing isn't it? The Phillies have delivered some much needed wins in the last 11 games, if you're counting, it's 8 wins in 11 games. Today, the Phils face the Braves in a very rare 12:35 PM Monday PM game at Citizens Bank Park to wrap up a 4-game series.

What is behind the winning ways? Some may say it was Odubel's benching and spotlight that was thrown on him again for conduct that according to Pete Mackanin is an issue on this team. Maybe it was just a coincidence that this just happened around the same time. There's been a different player stepping up and coming through for the team in the past week.

In the first half of the season, the Phils were on the wrong side of just about every close game they were in. In May, the team somehow managed to turn in a 6-22 record that really set the tone for a long stay as the worst team in baseball. At 38-64, the Phillies are still at the bottom of all of baseball, but they have some contenders chasing them for that crown now. The San Francisco Giants are 40-66 all of a sudden, and the Reds are 42-63. Pythagorean theory has the Phillies team at 43-59 on the season, but that shows you that certain games the Phils were 'supposed' to win, they didn't. Unfortunately, that doesn't count.

There are 60 games left on the 2017 schedule with the Phils. If they can continue to stay competitive and reel in some more much needed wins, they may be able to salvage at least some respect for thsi team on the season.

Let's see what the month of July has looked like thanks to :

Team Game-by-Game Schedule
Gm# Date Tm Opp W/L W-L GB
Gm# Date Tm Opp W/L W-L GB
79Saturday, Jul 1boxscorePHI@NYML26-5320.0
80Sunday, Jul 2boxscorePHI@NYMW27-5320.0
81Monday, Jul 3boxscorePHIPITW28-5320.0
82Tuesday, Jul 4boxscorePHIPITL28-5421.0
83Wednesday, Jul 5boxscorePHIPITL28-5521.5
84Thursday, Jul 6boxscorePHIPITL28-5621.5
85Friday, Jul 7boxscorePHISDPL28-5722.5
86Saturday, Jul 8boxscorePHISDPL28-5822.5
87Sunday, Jul 9boxscorePHISDPW29-5822.5
88Friday, Jul 14boxscorePHI@MILL29-5923.5
89Saturday, Jul 15boxscorePHI@MILL29-6024.5
90Sunday, Jul 16boxscorePHI@MILW30-6024.5
91Monday, Jul 17boxscorePHI@MIAL-wo30-6125.5
92Tuesday, Jul 18boxscorePHI@MIAW31-6125.5
93Wednesday, Jul 19boxscorePHI@MIAW32-6124.5
94Friday, Jul 21boxscorePHIMILW33-6123.5
95Saturday, Jul 22boxscorePHIMILL33-6224.5
96Sunday, Jul 23boxscorePHIMILW34-6224.5
97Monday, Jul 24boxscorePHIHOUL34-6325.0
98Tuesday, Jul 25boxscorePHIHOUL34-6425.0
99Wednesday, Jul 26boxscorePHIHOUW35-6425.0
100Friday, Jul 28boxscorePHIATLW36-6425.0
Gm# Date Tm Opp W/L W-L GB
101Saturday, Jul 29boxscorePHIATLW-wo37-6424.0
102Sunday, Jul 30boxscorePHIATLW-wo38-6423.5
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