Thursday, June 15, 2017

What is making the Phillies such a bad baseball team?

Why Aaron Altherr did not play on this team from Day 1 is an interesting question that management needs to explore, if they know baseball, how did they miss this?

Looking at this season that the Phillies have really faltered in so far in 2017 has taught a few lessons in what goes wrong on a baseball team and what needs to be fixed.  Probably the most glaring deficiency that the Phillies have had so far this year is in the pitching, it has been very inconsistent and downright terrible.

Jeremy Hellickson has been a pitcher that the Phillies have wanted to be more consistent this year and he did start out that way but then he slowly has evolved into a very inconsistent pitcher and giving up a lot of runs. He gave up five runs in the first two innings in last night's game, and now his ERA is 4.91. In June his ERA is 6.61 so far, and it just seems with every start, he's getting worse.

The Phillies team ERA is the worst of all the teams in the MLB, it is currently at 5.01. They are also near last (29th of 30) in BAA which is Batting Average Against, .279. That means that on an average players are almost hitting .300 against Phillies pitching. The pitching staff is also ranked 28th in WHIP at 1.46 on the season. Phillies pitching cannot seem to hold a lead no matter how much of the lead the Phillies have.

Phils team pitching as of 6/15/2017:

Team Pitching
Rk Pos Name Age W L W-L% ERA G SO9
1SPJeremy Hellickson3055.5004.91144.0
2SPJerad Eickhoff2607.0005.09138.0
3SPVince Velasquez (10-day dl)2525.2865.58109.5
4SPZach Eflin (40-man)2303.0006.1384.8
5SPAaron Nola2434.4294.4088.2
6SPNick Pivetta2413.2505.5268.3
Rk Pos Name Age W L W-L% ERA G SO9
7CLHector Neris2822.5003.62289.9
8RPEdubray Ramos2403.0003.142911.0
9RPJoely Rodriguez*2512.3336.33266.0
10RPPat Neshek3611.5000.75268.3
11RPJoaquin Benoit3912.3334.56258.0
Rk Pos Name Age W L W-L% ERA G SO9
12Luis Garcia3011.5003.65215.5
13Jeanmar Gomez2931.7507.17178.9
14Ben Lively2511.5003.0032.1
15Mark Leiter (40-man)26004.74125.7
16Adam Morgan*2701.0009.2658.5
17Clay Buchholz (60-day dl)3201.00012.2726.1
18Jake Thompson (40-man)23009.0035.4
19Casey Fien3301.0002.0824.2
20Ricardo Pinto (40-man)230018.0019.0
21Andres Blanco330027.0010.0
Team Totals27.22143.3285.01647.1
Rank in 15 NL teams15115
Rk Pos Name Age W L W-L% ERA G SO9
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Placing all of the pitching woes aside, the Phillies offense is trying but they cannot get clutch hits when they need them. The Phils are now ranked 27th in total runs at 253 on the year, and On Base Percentage is 27th in the MLB at .306 on the year.

When the bases are empty Phillies batters seem to be able to get good hits, but when it comes to scoring those runners the offense struggles. Take Freddy Galvis as an example, the other night he had the bases loaded twice and both times, he ended the inning without an RBI. Odubel does the same thing most of the time in pressure situations. Maybe these players are trying too hard, putting too much pressure on themselves? They have to work on this.

Phils offense through 6/15/2017:

Team Batting
Rk Pos Name Age R H 2B 3B HR RBI BA OBP
1CCameron Rupp28132980413.206.289
21BTommy Joseph2526551201032.263.316
32BCesar Hernandez# (10-day dl)274066102514.277.336
4SSFreddy Galvis#272353133628.236.291
53BMaikel Franco24195190731.223.276
6LFAaron Altherr2630541511136.286.360
7CFOdubel Herrera*252661230525.248.287
8RFMichael Saunders*30253982620.200.254
Rk Pos Name Age R H 2B 3B HR RBI BA OBP
9LFHowie Kendrick33123271211.340.398
10LFDaniel Nava#34132640310.321.434
11CAndrew Knapp#2510195038.235.326
12UTBrock Stassi* (40-man)274122126.197.290
13UTAndres Blanco#333112015.186.284
14UTTy Kelly#28264002.214.258
Rk Pos Name Age R H 2B 3B HR RBI BA OBP
15PJeremy Hellickson30131102.125.222
16PVince Velasquez (10-day dl)25160001.333.333
17PJerad Eickhoff26110000.071.071
18PAaron Nola24210000.071.188
19PZach Eflin (40-man)23120001.143.143
20PNick Pivetta24110000.111.111
21PBen Lively25010000.250.250
22PMark Leiter (40-man)26000000.000.000
23PClay Buchholz* (60-day dl)32000000.000.000
24PAdam Morgan*27010000.500.500
25PRicardo Pinto (40-man)23000000.000.000
26PPat Neshek#36000000
27PJeanmar Gomez29000000
28PLuis Garcia30000000
29PHector Neris28000000
30PJake Thompson (40-man)23000000
31PJoely Rodriguez*25000000
32PEdubray Ramos24000000
33PJoaquin Benoit39000000
34PCasey Fien33000000
Team Totals27.22535301231165245.243.306
Rank in 15 NL teams131358121213
Non-Pitcher Totals27.32465141221065241.248.311
Pitcher Totals25.77161104.152.191
Rk Pos Name Age R H 2B 3B HR RBI BA OBP
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Generated 6/15/2017.

At this point in the season the Phillies are completely out of contention for any playoff hopes, they would have to perform a miracle that was even better than the one in 2007 and that's very doubtful. This team has some serious issues, it has some good players that have potential but for some reason these players cannot get past a certain point that makes them average players when it is counted on for them to do well they just don't.

The Phillies face the Boston Red Sox in the final game of this interesting home and home series that started in Boston and will and tonight in Philadelphia. It would be great for the Phillies to take at least one of these games and get some confidence back in a team that has had a very bad season.

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