Thursday, June 22, 2017

Snake bitten Phillies lose again in extra innings

No one could have stopped Odubel from running this stop sign, it happens in baseball from time to time he wanted to make a difference in this game.

The Phillies had a measurable lead in most of last night's game, but the Cardinals stayed close behind them and finally tied the game up in the 9th getting 1-run to do so and overcome a 5-0 lead by the Phils in this game.

You kind of get the feeling that no lead is safe with this team, no matter how well the Phillies do on offense, the bullpen and closer, who most recently has been Hector Neris, are not getting the job done at all and have let this team down big time night after night.

We saw Odubel Herrera get two RBI in this game, his last RBI was June 11th, but then he ran through a huge stop sign at third base last night late in the game and was out by a mile. He didn't even slide or act like he was surprised the ball beat him to home. Sometimes Odubel plays like it's the first time he's ever played this game, it's amazing. It's a shame, he wanted to score, wanted to be the difference in this game, but he ended up costing this team plenty in the end.

What more can you say about this team this year, just when you think it doesn't get any worse that what we've seen, it's gets a lot worse. Pitching, hitting, and fielding all included. Last night, the Phillies banged out 16 hits, they looked like they were on a mission early on in this game. They put up some early runs on the board. But the paper thin bullpen couldn't hold the lead.

The Cardinals are not a powerhouse team this year, they have had a lot of issues themselves, but the Phillies have made them look like playoff contenders in this series.

The series ends today at 1:05 PM with a businessperson's special. I would have loved to go to this game, but I just don't want to have to sit through what we've been seeing from them lately. I don't just go to see a team win, but the state of this team is really in shambles.

Jeanmar Gomez and Michael Saunders have been sent away from this Phillies team, they didn't add to much to it, but the overall way this team has and is playing isn't entirely all their problem.

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