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Phillies need a complete overhaul of the bullpen

Garcia closes out the game yesterday for the Phils, not a save but he closed the door on the Cards with a 5-1 win

Yesterday's victory over the St. Louis Cardinals has signaled a strong need for the Phillies bullpen to be completely overhauled. The Phillies held on to a 3-1 lead in the 8th inning when Pat Neshak was called upon to get the Phils out of the 8th when Aaron Nola seemed like he was finished at around 100 pitches on the day.

Neshek has been good for the Phils, most speculate he's using this stint with the Phils to go to a better contending team

There was speculation whether or not Neshek was available for work yesterday, but in the 8th he was called upon to warm up and get Nola out of the jam he seemed to be getting himself into. The announcers on the TV broadcast speculated in the bottom of the 8th when the Phillies were up to bat that it was going to be Luis Garcia getting the closing duties for this game. Tom McCarthy and John Kruk wondered aloud on the air whether or not Neshek was even going to be available to pitch at all the previous inning.

This bullpen has been battered beyond belief in the past several weeks, no lead has been safe with it, no matter who is on the mound late in the game. Jeanmar Gomez saved a ton of games for the Phils last year, and it was a similarly bad team we had last year, was DFA on June 21 along with Micheal Saunders. Gomez registered 37 saves for this team last year. As of September 14th of last year, Gomez sported a 3.66 ERA and recorded his 37th save for the Phils. From that game on, Jeamar missed a step or two, but he had been used extensively in the 2016 season and was probably out of gas. Gomez finished up the '16 season with a 4.85 ERA. His amount of saves for the team didn't matter much to Phils management, as he was shown the door after struggling in the 2017 season.

Here's the complete season of Jeanmar's games from last year courtesy of

2016 Pitching Gamelog
Rk Gtm Date Tm Opp Rslt Inngs Dec
11Apr 4PHI@CINL,2-67-7H(1)
25Apr 9PHI@NYMW,1-09-GFS(1)
36Apr 10PHI@NYMW,5-29-GFS(2)
48Apr 12PHISDPW,3-09-GFS(3)
59Apr 13PHISDPW,2-19-GFS(4)
613Apr 17PHIWSNW,3-29-GF(10)W(1-0)
716Apr 20PHINYMW,5-410-GF(11)W(2-0)
817Apr 22PHI@MILW,5-29-GF
918Apr 23PHI@MILW,10-69-GF
1020Apr 26PHI@WSNW,4-39-GFS(5)
1121Apr 27PHI@WSNW,3-09-GFS(6)
1222Apr 28PHI@WSNW,3-09-GFS(7)
1324Apr 30PHICLEW,4-39-GFS(8)
MayMayMay Tm Opp Rslt Inngs Dec
1427May 3PHI@STLW,1-09-GFS(9)
1528May 4PHI@STLL,4-59-GFBL(2-1)
1631May 7PHI@MIAW,4-39-GFS(10)
1732May 8PHI@MIAW,6-59-GFS(11)
1833May 10PHI@ATLW,3-29-GFS(12)
1935May 12PHI@ATLW,7-410-GF(10)S(13)
2036May 13PHICINW,3-29-GFS(14)
2140May 17PHIMIAW,3-19-GFS(15)
2241May 18PHIMIAW,4-29-GFS(16)
2344May 22PHIATLW,5-09-GF
2447May 25PHI@DETW,8-59-GFS(17)
2551May 30PHIWSNL,3-48-GF
JunJunJun Tm Opp Rslt Inngs Dec
2654Jun 2PHIMILL,1-49-GF
2755Jun 3PHIMILW,6-39-GFS(18)
2859Jun 7PHICHCW,3-28-GFS(19)
2963Jun 12PHI@WSNL,4-59-GFBL(2-2)
3067Jun 16PHITORL,2-139-GF
3170Jun 19PHIARIL,1-59-GF
3274Jun 23PHI@MINW,7-39-GF
3376Jun 25PHI@SFGW,3-29-GFS(20)
3479Jun 28PHI@ARIW,4-39-GFS(21)
3580Jun 29PHI@ARIW,9-88-9W(3-2)
JulJulJul Tm Opp Rslt Inngs Dec
3681Jul 1PHIKCRW,4-39-GFS(22)
3783Jul 3PHIKCRW,7-29-GF
3886Jul 6PHIATLW,4-39-GFS(23)
3988Jul 8PHI@COLW,5-38-GFS(24)
4092Jul 16PHINYMW,4-29-GFS(25)
4194Jul 18PHIMIAL,2-39-9BS(3)
4295Jul 19PHIMIAL,1-29-9
4396Jul 20PHIMIAW,4-19-GFS(26)
44101Jul 25PHI@MIAW,4-09-GF
45104Jul 28PHI@ATLW,7-59-GFS(27)
46106Jul 30PHI@ATLW,9-59-GF
AugAugAug Tm Opp Rslt Inngs Dec
47108Aug 2PHISFGW,13-89-GF
48111Aug 5PHI@SDPW,5-49-GFS(28)
49113Aug 7PHI@SDPW,6-59-GFS(29)
50116Aug 10PHI@LADW,6-29-GF
51118Aug 13PHICOLW,6-39-GFS(30)
52119Aug 14PHICOLW,7-69-GFS(31)
53122Aug 18PHILADW,5-49-GFS(32)
54123Aug 19PHISTLL,3-49-9BS(4)
55124Aug 20PHISTLW,4-29-GFS(33)
56127Aug 24PHI@CHWW,5-39-GFS(34)
57130Aug 28PHI@NYMW,5-19-GF
58133Aug 31PHIWSNL,1-29-GF
SeptSeptSept Tm Opp Rslt Inngs Dec
59134Sep 2PHIATLL,4-89-9L(3-3)
60135Sep 3PHIATLL,4-69-9
61137Sep 5PHI@MIAW,6-29-GF
62138Sep 6PHI@MIAW,4-39-GFS(35)
63140Sep 8PHI@WSNW,4-19-GFS(36)
64144Sep 12PHIPITW,6-29-GF
65145Sep 13PHIPITL,3-59-9BL(3-4)
66146Sep 14PHIPITW,6-29-GFS(37)
67151Sep 20PHICHWW,7-69-9
68153Sep 22PHI@NYML,8-99-9BS(6)
69158Sep 28PHI@ATLL,2-128-GF(8)
70159Sep 29PHI@ATLL,2-58-8L(3-5)
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Generated 6/23/2017.

It was indeed Luis Garcia that got the ball in the 9th for the Phils to attempt to avoid a sweep by the St. Louis Cardinals, he was able to close the game out for the Phillies, but it wasn't a save opportunity as the Phils by the time the 9th inning had a 5-1 lead in the game.

Who has been the pitching out of the pen for the Phillies in 2017 the most?

Team Player Value--Pitchers
Name Age IP
Hector Neris2831.1320133.73
Edubray Ramos2430.0330185.40
Pat Neshek3628.231020.63
Luis Garcia3028.0250103.21
Joaquin Benoit3927.2290134.23
Ben Lively2527.044103.33
Joely Rodriguez*2527.0260268.67
Jeanmar Gomez (ES-day dl)2922.1180197.66
Mark Leiter (40-man)2619.0120125.68
Adam Morgan*2713.170128.10
Clay Buchholz (60-day dl)327.1221012.27
Casey Fien336.040710.50
Jake Thompson (40-man)235.03059.00
Ricardo Pinto (40-man)232.010418.00
Andres Blanco330.110127.00
Team Total27.3633.1293713695.24
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Generated 6/23/2017.

Looking at the bullpen numbers it is plain to see that this bullpen has been bad. There has been 23 save opportunities and the Phillies only saved 10 of those games. The Phils have 13 blown saves, which the NY Mets have now caught up with the Phils for tied for worst in the NL for that dubious honor of most blown saves.

Arizona, Colorado, and Cincinnati all have the least amount of blown saves so far this year with 6.

Where does that leave the Phillies? They are in need of an overhaul of the bullpen with a bona fide closer. If you could tack on those 13 blown saves, the Phils would have 36 wins, if the pen only had half the amount of those games in the saved column, you still have a better team.

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