Monday, May 15, 2017

Would the Phillies be in first place, if the Phils didn't have 9 blown saves

Pete Mackanin doesn't know who to turn to for saving a game for the Phillies, we need a quality closer

I'm looking for the calculator, this morning the Phillies record is 14-21 which at first sight appears pretty appalling being that the baseball is about 6 weeks completed. I've read some tweets though from certain Phillies beat writers, namely Matt Gelb that tells me that even though the Phillies have this record, imagine the possibilities. Look at this tweet from Matt the other day:

  In Matt's tweet, he didn't even mention the fact that nearly half of the Phillies losses up to this point were by the blown save category. He's well aware of the Phillies bad bullpen though.

But when I started thinking to myself, damn if the Phillies could have only fixed the bullpen that we would be right up there with the Washington Nationals of the world. We're not though, but we could be.

Last night in the night cap of the doubleheader, the Phillies (namely manager Pete Mackanin) had a new contender out there to try to save a game. Pat Neshak got the ball to close out a double header win from this hot Nationals team. What happened? He blew the save opportunity. That makes about 4 pitchers who have tried to go out there and save a game for this team and couldn't.

The Phillies treated Jeanmar Gomez worse than a redheaded stepchild out on the field since he had a rough start to 2017 on the mound in the role of the closer. Here's a guy who went out there last year though and was developing as a closer, he saved 37 games in 43 save opportunities for the Phillies last year, he was used in 70 games last season by the skipper, Pete Mackanin. Last year between Edubray Ramos and Hector Neris, they combined lost a total of 7 games for the Phillies that weren't even saves. Gomez lost 5 games on his own. It kind of screamed that we needed a quality closer, but what did management and ownership do about it? Nothing.

However, looking at the top 26 years of Phillies saves, we can see that in 1980, the Phillies didn't have many saved games because they were a 91-71 ballclub, and they went on to win the 1980 World Series, I am wondering if many saves would really help this team in 2017 when I see that the top year of saves for the Phils was by the lowly 1987 team that had plenty of saves but it still was a bad ballclub.

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