Friday, May 05, 2017

Watch a Phillies game on Twitter? Yup, it's tonight

In what is a pretty good secret, you can actually watch a Phillies game tonight via Twitter. The Phillies vs Nationals will stream for free worldwide on the Twitter network at

Twitter tried unsuccessfully to align itself to stream NFL games after the behemoth outbid Twitter for the rights to do that. Thankfully though, Twitter turned to the MLB and is in the 2nd year of offering free streaming of baseball .

All I can say about that is Twitter and the MLB aren't doing much to promote this fact. If you're lucky you may see a tweet about it, but if not, you're unaware that this is even happening.

With the rain we are experiencing right now in the Philadelphia area, I would be amazed to see a baseball game take place tonight, but if the skies clear it should be streaming on Twitter, with the home feed of the game so check it out.

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