Thursday, May 18, 2017

Rangers are winners of 8 in a row, have brooms ready for Phils

Can anyone cool off this Rangers team

The Rangers are a hot baseball club, they have reeled off 8 wins in a row now with last night's convincing 9-3 scrapping of the Phillies.

The Phils looked uninspired last night, and Zack Eflin had more lives than a cat early in the game putting a lot of runners on base. The lives that Eflin had early in the game soon we're extinguished as he gave up 1 run in the first, 2 in the second, and then 4 in the 3rd. That didn't faze manager Pete Mackanin, knowing that this wasn't a good night for Zack. No, instead of taking him out earlier after him giving up those runs, he let him stay to give up a 7th before he was lifted.

Eflin struggled most of the night, he only recorded 1 strikeout, but only gave up 2 walks, the Rangers just pounded him with 11 hits of their 17 on the night.

The Phils are in danger of getting swept again, the Phils have won only 3 games since they played the first night in LA on April 29th, and that was the 14th loss since then. Matt Klentak rewarded Pete Mackanin last Thursday with a contract extension and proclaimed that 'He sees improvement with this Phillies team.' Maybe he upset the baseball gods with that kind of talk, I don't know but if things continue with this team at this pace, it will get ugly.

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