Monday, May 29, 2017

Phils and Marlins will battle it out for worst team in baseball in Miami

It's Memorial Day in America, god bless all the troops that gave their lives for our freedom. Sometimes we take for our freedom for granted, that it will always be there. It's always been there because of the hard work of our soldiers.

The Phillies took off on a road trip after dropping 2 of 3 games to the Reds and now find themselves in the sunny confines of Miami for what will be a battle for last place in the whole MLB.

The Phillies haven't been doing too well lately, that is plain to see. Mentioning them in the same breath with the 'worst team in baseball' is yet another thing. The Phillies have seldom trolled the bottom of the MLB, that's a whole 30 teams. But, that is exactly where they are.

Now, starting pitching has deserted this team. Zack Eflin has a 6.13 ERA and is 0-3 with the loss against the Reds on Sunday. After the game he was sent down to AAA.

 Today's starter for the Phillies, Jeremy Hellickson, started off great for the Phils 4-0 in April but he has cooled off and has won 1 game in May, while having a 7.30 ERA in May. Hellickson had looked like he may be off to a 20-win year for a couple weeks. His ERA has been rising steadily though since Opening Day.

Hellickson's starts so far in 2017:

2017 Pitching Gamelog
Rk Date Tm Opp Rslt Inngs Dec IP ERA
1Apr 3PHI@CINW,4-3GS-6W(1-0)5.01.80
2Apr 9PHIWSNW,4-3GS-55.00.90
3Apr 15PHI@WSNW,4-2GS-7W(2-0)7.01.59
4Apr 21PHIATLW,4-3GS-7W(3-0)7.01.88
5Apr 27PHIMIAW,3-2GS-6W(4-0)6.01.80
MayMay Tm Opp Rslt Inngs Dec IP ERA
6May 2PHI@CHCL,3-8GS-4L(4-1)4.03.18
7May 7PHIWSNW,6-5GS-54.23.49
8May 14(1)PHI@WSNW,4-3GS-55.03.71
9May 19PHI@PITW,7-2GS-6W(5-1)6.03.44
10May 24PHICOLL,2-7GS-5L(5-2)5.04.28
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Miami has been in a team in the same boat as the Phillies. They've been going on extended 5-game losing streaks in the past few weeks, they did manage to take 2 out of 3 from the Angels in their last series though. They are 18-30 on the year so far.

At 17-31, the Phillies now have the dubious title of the worst team in baseball, can they battle it out and give this title to the Marlins?

How the Phils got to be the worst team in baseball? - It seemed to happen too fast for this team, they reeled off a six-game winning streak towards late April, left for a West Coast road trip, and the slide started there:

Team Game-by-Game Schedule
Gm# Date Tm Opp W/L Attendance
1Monday, Apr 3boxscorePHI@CINW43,804
2Wednesday, Apr 5boxscorePHI@CINL19,944
3Thursday, Apr 6boxscorePHI@CINL10,586
4Friday, Apr 7boxscorePHIWSNL45,121
5Saturday, Apr 8boxscorePHIWSNW37,241
6Sunday, Apr 9boxscorePHIWSNW-wo36,917
7Monday, Apr 10boxscorePHINYML33,359
8Tuesday, Apr 11boxscorePHINYML28,659
9Wednesday, Apr 12boxscorePHINYML28,272
10Friday, Apr 14boxscorePHI@WSNL-wo38,664
11Saturday, Apr 15boxscorePHI@WSNW35,626
12Sunday, Apr 16boxscorePHI@WSNL-wo29,774
13Tuesday, Apr 18boxscorePHI@NYMW23,536
14Wednesday, Apr 19boxscorePHI@NYML22,243
15Thursday, Apr 20boxscorePHI@NYMW24,656
16Friday, Apr 21boxscorePHIATLW24,189
17Saturday, Apr 22boxscorePHIATLW-wo31,334
18Sunday, Apr 23boxscorePHIATLW28,632
19Wednesday, Apr 26boxscorePHIMIAW26,191
20Thursday, Apr 27boxscorePHIMIAW22,180
21Friday, Apr 28boxscorePHI@LADL46,729
22Saturday, Apr 29boxscorePHI@LADL-wo53,110
23Sunday, Apr 30boxscorePHI@LADL48,961
24Monday, May 1boxscorePHI@CHCW38,567
25Tuesday, May 2boxscorePHI@CHCL38,660
26Wednesday, May 3boxscorePHI@CHCL39,335
27Thursday, May 4boxscorePHI@CHCL-wo36,394
28Friday, May 5boxscorePHIWSNL20,237
29Saturday, May 6boxscorePHIWSNL21,298
30Sunday, May 7boxscorePHIWSNW-wo30,464
31Tuesday, May 9boxscorePHISEAL31,715
32Wednesday, May 10boxscorePHISEAL26,697
33Saturday, May 13boxscorePHI@WSNL-wo31,473
34Sunday, May 14 (1)boxscorePHI@WSNW31,738
35Sunday, May 14 (2)boxscorePHI@WSNL30,137
36Tuesday, May 16boxscorePHI@TEXL23,110
37Wednesday, May 17boxscorePHI@TEXL28,703
38Thursday, May 18boxscorePHI@TEXL35,007
39Friday, May 19boxscorePHI@PITW25,795
40Saturday, May 20boxscorePHI@PITL32,572
41Sunday, May 21boxscorePHI@PITL24,445
42Monday, May 22boxscorePHICOLL21,251
43Tuesday, May 23boxscorePHICOLL17,109
44Wednesday, May 24boxscorePHICOLL19,160
45Thursday, May 25boxscorePHICOLW-wo18,143
46Friday, May 26boxscorePHICINL21,388
47Saturday, May 27boxscorePHICINW-wo30,100
48Sunday, May 28boxscorePHICINL25,413
49Monday, May 29previewPHI@MIA7:10Game
Gm# Date Tm Opp
50Tuesday, May 30previewPHI@MIA7:10Game
51Wednesday, May 31previewPHI@MIA1:10Game
52Friday, Jun 2previewPHISFG7:05Game
53Saturday, Jun 3previewPHISFG4:05Game
54Sunday, Jun 4previewPHISFG1:35Game
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