Sunday, May 07, 2017

All of a sudden the Phillies are looking so bad

Tommy Joseph is a shockingly bad base runner who should be sitting

Well the brush with 11-11 is well over, so is the Phillies position in 2nd place which was very encouraging to Phillies fans, but was very short lived. To the casual observer, this team was starting to look like it had a chance. People were starting to speak things like the Phillies had a chance to challenge the Nats for first place possibly.

Now, every game there is something glaring, something ugly to point at on this Phillies team. Last night, I saw Tommy Joseph do it again. He looked like a total chump on the base paths. I was watching the game from a distance and saw a nicely hit ball out to left field over Jayson Werth's head and bounce off the wall. The runner for some ungodly reason rounded first and chugged towards 2nd base. "He's gonna be out by a mile," I thought. And he was. I didn't even know who hit it, I thought maybe it was the pitcher because he didn't even slide properly into 2nd base. It was Tommy Joseph.

This has got to stop. Pete Mackanin is managing the Bad News Bears again, they must sit the bench if this continues and that goes for everyone. The problem is that this isn't happening. Night after night we're seeing bonehead plays. The kind you don't even see that much in minor league ball.

Now the Phillies are 12-17, they are heading for the abyss, a place where bad baseball teams go and never return from. This is what we've been waiting for in a rebuild? All these sabermetric statisticians that were hired by GM Matt Klentak has given us this ungodly Jekyll and Hyde baseball team? What do they do sit around the water cooler everyday and just laugh? Stats on how many times Tommy Joseph will fall asleep at 2nd base or overrun bases?

The Washington series wraps up today, if I'm Pete Mackanin, I am in that locker room with a closed door meeting and hitting the roof at all of the bad play that has been going on with this team. That won't happen though, Pete doesn't do those type of things. I am thinking more and more this team needs a new manager to start, and then we go from there to straighten whatever needs to get done on this ball club, but it's just not happening with Pete at the helm.

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