Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Phillies triumph in Cincinnati Opener for 2017

Its the Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati, and the Phillies open up with a win yesterday!

The Phillies opened up with a convincing win 4-3 in Cincinnati for Game 1 of a long 162 game season. We kind of got a scare with a late 2-run HR by the Reds to bring the game closer than it was.

I got caught up in some baseball history for yesterday's opener, it was amazing to me that the Reds have actually been a team longer than the Phillies, the Reds starting up in 1869 and the Phils in 1883. The Cincinnati Red Stockings actually were the first professional team to be formed.

The rains stayed away from the stadium yesterday, at times it started to drizzle and then it subsided to allow the game to go straight through without interruption.

Freddie Galvis started off the season again making a plea to the Phillies that they shouldn't be putting all their eggs in JP Crawford's basket. He had a homerun and went 2-4 with an RBI and 2 runs scored. What will the Phillies do with Galvis? He's risen to the occasion last season and he appears to be one of the better shortstops out there.

Jeremy Hellickson got into trouble several times yesterday, but was unscathed for most of it. He loaded the bases a few times, but the Reds couldn't capitalize. J Hell also helped himself with an RBI triple which he said he wouldn't do again, he would stop at second in the postgame interview. Hellickson earned his first win, despite the scare with Gomez closing.

For someone that was never really supposed to be a closer, Pete Mackanin said he was concerned about Gomez in that role yesterday after the game. That is the funny part, the team was closer by committee last year and it just happened to be Gomez who started getting the job and he was doing it quite well in the early part of last season. Now, all of a sudden it seems like Pete Mackanin forgot the Phillies didn't really even have a pitcher who was a closer last season.

John Kruk made his debut as a Phillies full time announcer for 2017, he did ok. He's a bit subdued on the microphone most of the time, not too much emotion in his voice at all. His knowledge of the game is solid, and his announcing is better than most. I hope he can show a little more emotion during the season behind the mic.

The teams take off today, then go at it again on Wednesday night at 7:10 PM before the Thursday game which is at 12:35 PM, then of course the Phillies come home to open the home opener on Friday at 3:05PM. 

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