Tuesday, April 18, 2017

It's the Mets again

Cespedes will be more than happy to face the Phillies again tonight

The Phillies have gotten their fill of the National League East and we're just 2 weeks into the season.

In fact, the Phils have played 12 games so far, they are 4-8 on the season, and they have played 9 of the 12 against the Mets and the Nationals already. Excuse me but is anyone else a little bored by this schedule?

I guess if the Phillies were 10-2, we would love the schedule but we're not. We've been in some close games, some games that were lost because of a blown save or two.

Pythagorean theory has the Phillies at 6-6 on the year, so that suggests that the Phillies have had some bad luck so far.

The Mets haven't had it too easy either in regards to facing the NL East early, 7 of their first 13 games have been against the Marlins, and the Mets have been 2-5 against them so far.

It's tax day today, so get those taxes in and then settle back for some NL East baseball tonight starting at 7:10 PM tonight from Citi Field in Queens, NY.

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