Friday, April 07, 2017

Beating the Nationals on the Phillies Home Opener?

This photo was added a few hours after the blog post, as we can see, Harper loves to play at CBP, as he hits another HR

Beating the Washington Nationals on a home opener would be awesome. Last year's Phillies home opener drew 45,229 fans which was the largest crowd that the Phils had all year at home.

The Nationals opened their season this year at home on Monday against the Miami Marlins for a three game series, and then the team packed up and came up to Philadelphia for a three game series, only to return to Washington after Sunday's game for a six game homestand at Nationals Park.

For the Phillies, doing well against the Nats should be a goal of theirs for this year. The Phils opened up last April with a 14-10 record or the first month, which wasn't that bad. The Phils lost 2 out of 3 in the first series last year against the Nationals, then went on to sweep them in late April in Washington. The overall series last year between the Nats and Phils ended up in a lopsided 14-5 record in favor of the Nats.

The key to beating Washington is much like it was last year, don't let Harper and Werth get the key hits off of the team. When either one of those players get hot, they seem to feed off of it. Maybe we can add Daniel Murphy to the list too, last year he had 25 HR and 104 RBI for the Nats, are the Mets crazy for having allowed him to get away from New York?

The Phils start off for the first time at home this year at 3:05 PM.

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