Sunday, March 26, 2017

New Phillies Talk Podcast: 7 Days to the Phillies Opening Day chatting with Matt Veasey

Had a great time talking with my special guest, Matt Veasey, who has been writing about the Phillies and baseball for many years!

On this edition of Phillies Talk Podcast:

With only 7 days to go to the Opening Day of the 2017 baseball, it's so exciting to be talking about the Phillies team that we'll be seeing on the field this season.
I am talking with longtime and excellent baseball writer, Matt Veasey, on his writing about the Phillies and we're talking about the team this year. On the show we talk about the new players the Phillies added and the long term rebuild that the Phillies have been on for several years now.
Will we see Pete Rose on the Phillies Wall of Fame this year now that the Phils have permission to add him if they choose? We both agreed the time is 'now'.
The group of players that won the World Series with the Phillies have all gone from the team, now the team has a difficult position on whether or not the Phils will want to retire any of their numbers. We talk about this on the show as well.

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