Thursday, March 02, 2017

Can the Phillies see the potential in Altherr

Sometimes the moves the Phillies management makes has to leave you wondering. There have been some good players in the past few years that haven't seen the proper playing time as young players.

Darin Ruf and Dominic Brown are two names that come to mind most recently that were guys who had tremendous talent but in this writer's opinion were not given the chance to play enough. In 2011, Brown was ranked as the Number 4 prospect in the nation.

Is Aaron Altherr the next Phillies player who will be misused? He's had a taste of the big leagues and he seems like he could be very good if given the chance. What did the Phillies do this offseason? Go out and overlay a few aging outfielders who may only be with the team for this season and will probably block Altherr's progress too this year.

Aaron Altherr smacked a bases clearing triple, and a double yesterday.

Platooning really hasn't worked for the Phillies over the past few years. A constant shuffling in and out of players isn't what this team needs. Some players who can play well together on a consistent basis is what this team needs.

See the pitchers that Altherr hit the best against so far in his career here:

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