Monday, February 13, 2017

They're Back: Welcome to Spring

There is a sure sign of Spring today in the air maybe not around the Philadelphia (but at least it is nice and sunny out today) area but certainly down in Florida as pitchers and catchers have returned to the baseball diamond in Clearwater.

It's been a long winter of no baseball and the season fans are now chomping at the bit to hear a crack of the bat, or the sound of a baseball sailing into a leather baseball glove.

The first wave of players, pitchers and catchers finally hit the field and the whole team is expected for tomorrow and Wednesday, though the full squad isn't actually due till Friday.

The Phillies starting rotation is one that could end up to be quite good. Jeremy Hellickson, Clay Buckholz, Aaron Nola, and Vincent Velasquez could all vie for ace of the staff. If they all really do well, and the Phillies get some much needed offense on the board, we could see a team that is at least competition, unlike they were last year.

This team has to start playing like a team with a goal of making the playoffs, not just content with playing .500 ball as was talked about in the offseason by manager, Pete MacKanin. Set your goals much higher and your accomplishments may exceed what is average.

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