Thursday, November 10, 2016

Phillies not rushing into Hot Stove mode

Fowler is available, should the Phillies make a play for him?

We've seen some areas that the Phillies really need to improve at during the past couple seasons. If this was a building that the Phillies were 'rebuilding', we would have to say that there is a long way to go before this building could be declared ready for occupancy.

The Phils have tiptoed into the Hot Stove area of free agents and have barely made a peep. The salaries that have been shaved off of this team have been many, and now what we are left with is a bunch of younger players that most of are due a little more than league minimum for their services for 2017. The team lacked leadership in 2016, there was many games that could have been wins that weren't and the need for better hitters on this team is a glaring one that hasn't been addressed yet by ownership in the form of getting people on the team who can really hit the ball.

The top fielders that the Phillies could be in the hunt for is a hitter, maybe a Dexter Fowler or a Jose Bautista? Jose is a little on the old side, but you never know, a two-year deal perhaps? A few questions stand in the way of that interest. Would a player even consider signing in a place that Philadelphia has become in the past few seasons, and would it make sense to add a player that the Phillies would have to spend a lot of money to land.

You have to start somewhere, you need a veteran, and he should be a leader of some sort with this younger group of players the Phillies have. You need a spark, a guy who can come through and inspire others to do the same.

Do you package up a guy like Maikel Franco and trade him for someone? How about Tommy Joseph, do you package him up with someone and make a trade for a bigger fish?

These are the things that management must come up with, so far, they have played a very conservative hand with this Phillies team. Almost like they are afraid to spend some money, or directed not to.

Something needs to happen with this Phillies team, the clock is ticking, and the hot stove is cooking!

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